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  1. Hi all, How do you change your user/Profile name please. Have found how to change real name but not above......
  2. Hi all, I have done I lot of research and need some advice . I am looking at doing a TK ANH stunt build. Have been looking at ATA $540 un trimmed options but also looking at Authentic props untrimmed (pricing below) as they include the Holster etc . I am thinking this is not a bad deal with the included extras? Your thoughts..... AP DELUXE UNTRIMMED KIT PKG $ 749 usd (Blaster, boots, black undersuit, neck seal not included) ****************************************** Armor/Helmet kit Untrimmed kit Leather AN
  3. Oh. I will stop complaining then... ANH stunt was my first choice build.... Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. Timaru.....cold again today.....
  5. Thanks all ,ANH stunt seems to be my Fav so far.......
  6. Hi all. Looking to be part out Outpost 42 in NZ so just researching my costume build at the moment. I cant wait to get out and do some charity work. Cheers!
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