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  1. Hey Nick just checking in to see how you are going with this build.
    looks like we will be the official home for this costume after discussions with Spec Ops Detachment, so let us know when you are ready and we can start work with you on creating the CRL.

    Cool I’ll be in touch over the next couple of weeks. I’ve had a crack at writing a CRL based on the existing R1 TK, but any help would be much appreciated.

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  2. Hello there, 
    How is this build coming along bud? You looking at modelling for the CRL?
    I am just starting this costume, and wanted to follow others that are doing the same.

    Hey what’s up
    The build is coming alone nicely, think I’ll be there in the next couple of weeks. Just waiting on some custom graphics for the backpack cog and pinstripes. I’ll share some pics over the weekend.

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  3. I have a query in relation to the belt construction. The R1TK CRL states:
    “The back belt overlaps the front belt on the sides”.
    However, when looking at the Celebration Europe reference pictures taken of screen used armor, it looks to me that the front belt overlaps the back.

    This also appears to be the case when looking at screen shots of the R1TKs seen the the Mandalorian show.


    Note: I’m referring to regular TKs here as I have been through chapter 8 frame by frame and there isn’t 1 frame where you can clearly see the Incinerator Troopers belt fixtures.

    Any advice would be much appreciated, before I commit either way.

  4. You may need to bring your chest down a little, the shoulder straps are sticking up a bit.

    I figured that I would need to, but was concentrating on the join between the chest and back plates in these photos. Once I get this done the next job was to tighten the shoulder straps to bring the top of the chest plate in and down a little.
    Strapping a R1 kit is more complicated than my previous ANH kits.

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