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  1. Wow... as a new member and only built one set of armor, I’m blown away by the efficiency and precision that is documented here. Nice chronicle. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. So... where is everyone at for their "Centurion"? What's that total at? How many of the EI are going to go that next step? Count me in!
  3. This feed was crucial for me and approval of EI with minimal corrections! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Great read and history. As a fairly new member and even newer EI (981) I appreciate the history! Thanks!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. But it’s like a roll of toilet paper... it speeds up as you get closer to the end!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I wanted to send a special shout out to [mention=22112]justjoseph63[/mention] for going above and beyond. He PM'd me after my first post. Frankly I was feeling a bit intimidated and unsure I could build acceptable armor. His outreach and interaction made a huge difference. The difference between me just getting basic approval, and possibly trooping once in awhile and wanting to strive to build armor to the best of my ability! Higher level armor like EI and now I'll be shooting for Centurion. All this when I haven't even done a single troop (darn Covid). But I am sure that I will love trooping as much as I love working on the armor. So thanks Joseph (and others like him) and keep up the good work. You are truly a great ambassador for the 501st (and Vader[emoji6]). Awesome job mentoring and motivating newbies like myself to not only want to build better armor, but also want to be a part of the 501st.
  7. Thank you to everyone: Joseph, Tony, Q, Andrew and everyone for the input, guidance and support. TK-88667 reporting for duty
  8. PhilBobTheFish, Yes I did. Thought it was supposed to be painted on Stunt (only not painted on Hero?) I can easily remove the paint. Thanks for the feedback! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Trooper Info Name: Ken Schafer TK: TK-88667 FISD Name: ForeverFanFirstTimeRecruit Garrison: Southern California Garrision Height: 6'-1" Weight: 210 Armour: Anovos Helmet: Anovos Cloth Belt: Trooperbay Neck Seal: TheCostumeBase Boots: Imperial Boots Blaster: Rubys (customized) Holster: Trooperbay Hand guards: Rubber gloves and latex hand guards from JustJoseph63 Photos: Full Body Front Back Left Side Arm Raised Right Side Arm Raised Left Side Detail Right Side Detail Action Shot Armor Details Abdomen button plates (close-up) Cod and posterior plate connections Interior strapping Wrist openings Left sniper knee plate close up Right sniper knee plate close up Left thigh ammo pack rivet close up Right thigh ammo pack rivet close up Helmet Details Front Left side Right side Rear Back-lit shot showing lens color Close-up of Hovi tips Accessories Neck seal TD Front TD Rear Holster attachment ABS/canvas belt (rear) Boots Rubber gloves Blaster Details Left side Right side Rear showing D-ring Thank you for your consideration. Ken
  10. im having trouble getting the link to the updated checklist to work. Anyone else having this problem? Not sure if it’s my Tapatalk app or connection?
  11. Thanks for the intel Q. now "move along... nothing to see here" haha!
  12. Thank you Andrew. Submitted for 501 access last night, so I'll wait a few days to confirm. Do they send a separate email, or do I need to check back on my post to that page?
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