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  1. We are roughly the same size, i have a little more around the middle than he lol! But we are same height. Tho that kit is unbuilt, so still requires assembly
  2. Good day all! I am a long time SW fan and just recently been interested in getting my own armour! I know there are lots of threads about different types etc, but if anyone can direct me (as i am still getting the feel of the site) that would be great! Right now, i live in Canada, but moving to Washington DC in October, hoping there is lots of 501st activity in that area. I am thinking of going with the classic ANH trooper armour, but the rub is i am a big and tall guy. 6'2 and 260 ( a little bit of a belly, but thick all over! lol!) i have a friend that has an Anovos classic kit that i am thinking of taking off his hands, but could that kit be fitted to me, and still get approved by 501st? thanks all for taking the time to read and answer!!
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