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  1. Well, fortunately I just received the e-mail from pathfinders I was looking for and I am in.
  2. Thanks everyone, I try to get into the pathfinders site, however this is the message I got: Awaiting Approval Your account needs to be approved before you can use the site as a registered member. An email will be sent to ***************@gmail.com when this is done So I check my e-mail box but I didn't find any activation mails which I usually get when making a new account on a forum. Is there a different way of checking in? Am I doing something wrong? From this site: Hi Hawk2, Thanks for registering. Click the button below to validate your account and get started. *button link* — 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment I got this mail. That somehow doesn't happen on the pathfinders section.
  3. Hi, I am Ken. I came to this forum because of my desire to (sometimes) walk around like a star wars character. After some thinking I thought... hey, a scout trooper fits my character so I started some searching. However, because of my lenght... yeah, thats really thing: 6' 9" or 2.02m it's going to be difficult to walk around in, let's call it Imperial Trooper armour. A response I got from a store was: Hi Ken, Unfortunately we wouldn't be able to manufacture the costume to fit your body frame. So here I am, figuring out how to get things done. First going to the Getting Started section. In case you are wondering, yep I am in the process of making an account on the scout trooper section, waiting for approval.
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