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  1. A little update for you all. https://photos.app.goo.gl/6eCww4QCAWbnAiW68 The molds pictured are the main belt front, knee ammo belt, and the inner and outer drop boxes. They still need to be sanded, bondoed, and glued.
  2. Thanks Aaron! I’ll be posting pics up of the inner and outer drop box molds later tomorrow.
  3. Thanks Brian! I’m striving for accuracy from the get-go so I plan on taking my sweet time making my molds.
  4. As some of you may have already seen in my first post in the New Member Introductions section of this forum I'm excited to say that I plan on sculpting my own molds, building my own vacuum forming machine, and pulling my own armor. All of which will be documented here in The Foundry on this forum. I plan on focusing on accuracy from the get-go so I will be taking my sweet time with this one and using as many reference pictures as I can scrounge up as well as a crappy kit from the makerofthings as a reference.
  5. Thanks Steve! I'm located in Brooklyn. I just wish I had known about the FISD sooner rather than later which would have saved me from making a lot of the mistakes that I made in the beginning. On a brighter note, I made a trip to my local home depot yesterday and picked up a few sheets of MDF so hopefully I'll be able to get started working on some molds later today.
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