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  1. Have you made the cocking bolt yet ? I picked up a 3d printed e11 but looks like I may need a part that's missing In the bags. Also my first 3d printer is on the way so ...yeah I'd I can make it why not ...also great work btw you power cylinders are by far one of the best.
  2. Cool bunch of great people here. And yeah I'm a transplant but both my daughters were born here
  3. thank you sir. Your electronics in my helmet are amazing little snug. But I'm so happy with it all.
  4. T-Jay i did sir thank you and again TY for helping me along the great adventure.
  5. Ok guys it's official TK37512 reporting as active. Now just clean it up before my first troop.
  6. Ok so I have been on the forums for a bit working on my first build. But wanted to say hello. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/47279-very-first-build-am-armor-anh-stunt-will-update/ You know first exciting day is big brown box. But today was just way to cool to know I have my TKID ... Will wait to post that later with a few more pics ... Check out my build and if I can will post more about the adventure later.
  7. TK37512 reporting in and requesting 501st Legion Status ... https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30921
  8. Ok guys so today was first day in the whole gear ...got to get walking to drop some belly fat And do some adjustments on the electronics In the helmet was a bit hard to get on. Some strap photos ... Application has been put In and GML notified tomorrow action pose and helmet off photo ...hope everyone is having a safe weekend.
  9. Great idea down side I didn't see this untill after but no worries only two small spots to clean up after work in the morning. thank you
  10. Gemini Masterpiece odorless mineral spirits. Plain paper towel let it sit for only 3-5 seconds ...then with decent pressure and finger tips rub hard took me under 3 min to clean it all off ...now this was directly on ABS no primer and only sat for about a month. Looking over the area very small micro scratches but after new paint is on and a good polish will never see it
  11. thank you both will be painting after work. Again glad this got caught early. With all the other small issues I have had this one was easy. If I wanted just to be in my armor I would have already finished but as my first build I want to get as much right as I can.
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