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  1. Mark is shipping my armour on Tuesday! I just ordered my boots from Imperial Boots. Everything is starting to come together.
  2. It should run fine on 3 AA batteries. How are you guys with soldering surface mount? I'm working on this as an option to make the menu navigation easier.
  3. The fans arrived today, but man do they stink! I hope they air out before I put them into my bucket.
  4. I've ordered the first set of test boards. I'm putting a 3.5mm earphone jack on the board and I'm breaking out some extra pins on the Arduino for expansion. I also made the 5V pin available so I can be powered by a 1 cell LiPo on that pin, a 9V on the battery pins or through the Mini-USB using a phone charger power pack. Each button has 3 modes; click, double click and long press, so there are up to 12 functions.
  5. I haven't ordered any boards yet. I should be ordering some this week. I will make everything open source, but I haven't completely finished the design yet. I may make it into a general purpose prop board, or simply base one on this. If you want to PM me your address, I'll mail you a board when they arrive and you can help beta test.
  6. Thanks for all the great info and advice guys. I bought the full set from AP, so I might have purchased a few extra things that are already supplied with the kit. I guess I should have asked before buying anything. Too bad about needing more magnets, The dang things are expensive and I have to drive to the US to get them because the shipping to Canada is nuts. Greg, I see you're in Sakatoon. Where did you source your magnets. I was planning on ANH Stunt and working towards Centurion. I've poured over the CRL and the list gmrhodes13 linked to. If the only difference between Hero and Stunt is the helmet, then could I make a Hero helmet later and submit with the TK Laser Sword? I'd also like to do a HWT. It looks like some people have their armour set up to switch back and forth between stunt and HWT, is that correct? My Quest Design Canada blaster arrived yesterday! I'm hoping it's a good one for approval. I think I'll be doing some customizing by eventually upgrading the Hengstler counter and the M38 Telescope and some other bits. I may add sound effects and light, if that doesn't disqualify it for approval. Do people usually do separate build threads for blasters and such, or just do them in their main build thread?
  7. Thanks. Yes, the microphone seems very good. The adjustable gain is really nice and easy to reduce feedback. Adafruit really makes some good stuff.
  8. This will be my first build on my journey to hopefully being someday accepted into the ranks of the 501st. I have everything on justjosheph63's TK supply list. Luckily I had all the tools, so I just needed the stuff specific to this build. I'm just waiting on the big items. Armor: Authentic Props - Shipping April 23rd. Boots: imperialboots.com - Ordered Blaster: QuestDesignCanada - Received 2 things I don't have are the neck seal and the lenses. I think my wife and I will try to make the neck seal. What do you recommend for lenses? What colour and material? Bubble or flat? I've started on my voice changer while waiting for everything to arrive.
  9. I'm just getting everything together for my first build and while I'm waiting for everything to arrive, I decided to make a voice changer. When I started researching voice changers I considered making a TKTalkie because the creator was kind enough to share his design , but I figured I'd take a crack at making my own first. I managed to find the amp on Amazon, that I think most of you are using. The system uses an Arduino nano with a DFPlayer mini. You can turn on a bandpass filter to make the voice sound more like a CB. There are bitcrusher and reverb settings to degrade the sound and add echo, respectively. I might add a ring modulator and other effects down the road, but they wouldn't really be applicable to a Stormtrooper. Maybe some blaster sound effects too. The button controller isn't what I intend to use. It's just an old RF remote that I converted for use for Arduino development instead of putting a bunch of pushbuttons on the breadboard. I'll most likely be using the glove button method like TKTalkie.
  10. I've ordered AP armor and I hope to join the 501st, but I do have this already. I built it last year. It's made from PVC pipe with a 3D printed grip.
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