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  1. Hey, Stormtroopers! So, I received my Imperial boots, and my question is: How long did it take you to get comfortable in walking in your boots? I started to get the wrinkles in the leather, which is inevitable to happen (even the figures have it, so it's accurate), but I think I am walking slightly weird / a bit slow in them. How did you guys manage? Any input on this topic? Did it take you awhile to get comfortably adjusted in the boots to walk casual? Update: I am getting closer on my build. I just now need armor and a blaster. All soft parts are taken care of. Edit: Also, how do you / what do you recommend to take care of your boots? Thanks in advance.
  2. Just bought this 40 Gal tote. I would like to eventually add lining / padding inside, so the armor can be well protected. What do you guys think? Great size overall, or? Opinions, ideas? Let's see your tote. I wanted to fit eveything inside, and for about 24 dollars, I thought it was decent. It has wheels, and it isn't heavy. #MoreProgress
  3. What are you using for compression / thermal under suit? Is there a particular type most troopers prefer? As of now, I'm considering on picking up a one piece type, rather than a 2 piece. Despite what you own, tell me why you prefer yours. Links are always appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have considered it, plus the con would allow it, I'm wanting to go for level 3, and was told that doesn't qualify... Do you know what is great for level 3, and con safe friendly, too? Or is that where I'd have to own both a con safe and an electronic version that'd qualify for level 3 approval? I'd like a blingy version, but would be nice if I could bring into a con, too. If not, then I suppose I may have to own a friendly version and a nicer version.
  5. Hello, Troopers I am looking for guidance to help me find a completed (trying to avoid building from scratch) blaster like the one similar in the video: Is there a particular person I could go to? I would like to purchase one that is completed with electronics, rather than building from scratch? I have been reading the forums, but if I have missed a particular thread, please direct me to the source. Thanks in advance.
  6. That's what I was thinking, but became somewhat discouraged, after the person in the YouTube video mentioning the potential problems with the less durable leather can possibly mess with the lower leg armor flopping outta place or whatever Have you had problems relating to that?
  7. Okay, I read that TK boots are basically outta business, but if they were to become available to pick up, should I purchase? Or, go with the Imperial Boots? Troopers, which do *you* prefer out of those two options, and why? What are pros and cons to them? I've seen a YouTube video of a member comparing the two, giving his opinion on them both, and he was sayin' the leather is much more thicker on the TK Boots and could potentially cause problems with the lower leg armor with fit. I was considering on picking up TK, due to the soles, but if that reason is common for most, I would probably select the Imperial Boots, rather. So, my quistion is: What are your experiences between the two? What do you like and dislike about them? Any other approved brands? I currently just know of Imperial Boots & TK Boots. Thanks in advance for those that participate.
  8. Not 100% sure, but I'd say 5'7 is height, and in armor 8 or 9ish (goal). As for weight, I try to stay fit, so 140ish to 50, I'd say. As long as I can at least look like luke in armor, I'm satisfied.
  9. Hello, Troopers! I am wanting to build an exact replica of ANH HERO (Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper). Although, I do not want to build from scratch, and would prefer to order where the company can already have the armor fitted to my proportions. I'd like to get the helmet, first, but where should I go for this build, you'd say? I'm seriously wanting to become a member, before this year is over. All help is very appreciated. I'm excited to make some legitimate progress. Thank you all in advance.
  10. Wowowowz! So much feedback already Thank you all so very much. I absolutely appreciate it! I am very thrilled to have read each and every comment on here. You know, I think I'm gonna do it. I'm about maybe 5'6 (at very least) naturally or 5'7ish (at very most), somewhere near there, but in gear, and with brief shoe mods, I'm assuming I'd be 5'8 or 9ish in the coustume. You see, I've always been the type that really gets into the cosplay / character...I suppose you could say I'm somewhat of a "method actor", in a sense. I would not go for a character, if I felt was totally out of my reach to pull off "appropriately". I'd go for a character that was possible, in my opinion, that could potentially work. And it has seemed most of the Star Wars characters were outta my reach, in regards to height :/ So, I have always felt concerned with that... I didn't want to feel odd, you know? But perhaps I'm kinda overthinking it somewhat a little too much, and might actually blend in well quite nicely. I feared the thought of having to trim armor (would prefer not do myself, so I can stay safe), and possibly not being completely happy in the final outcome on how it looks on me, after investing a lot in. Might as well try, right? Settle it once and for all, rather than to wonder. But I've noticed there's a slight few stormtroopers that seem to appear shorter, compared to most in the films...plus Luke Skywalker was a stormtrooper...well, sorta...briefly...haha so I'd use his height as refference, too. Anyways, think this might be the forum for me. I have been on 3 others, but, jeez, this is by far the most feedback I've gotten, so far, and it is encouraging. I am, in fact, *NEW* here, but I've always been procastinating on the thought of becoming a stormtrooper... and so finally I have joined this forum...despite the procastinating thoughts that has transpired. I have been invited into my Garrison since early of 2017, and couldn't really pinpoint on a coustume. I'd start builds, and then reconsider...but this year...this year (2019) is the year I officially want to become a full 501st Legion member! So hopefully that will happen I will be posting more topics, and reading here quite often. Feel free to be my friend. I am wanting to have a build that is very accurate, but also ready to go with my measurements, rather, I don't want to build from scratch, because I don't want to ruin anything, and would love to get approved ASAP. I'm thinking Stunt or Hero Stormtrooper, and currently eyeing RS prop masters. What are some alternatives, that can offer me ready to go armor? What do you recommend for someone that is like me? Thanks, again...I really do appreciate it.
  11. I am wondering if my height in gear would look odd, especially standing next to other troopers, or if I can pass off as "Luke Skywalker in disguise", if anything. In gear, I'm assuming I should be about 5'8" Is there any shoe brands that can increase height from the sole? What can I possibly do to gain some inches, but still having the shoes be passable for approval? What is most important to me is how I will look in stormtrooper armor. Don't want to look / feel odd. If I recall right, the height of the orginal stormtrooper actor is 5'11, but I've noticed most of 501st's troopers are about 6 feet and up... What is your honest opinion, and advice? Should I not peruse stormtrooper, and aim for a different character? I'd like to be an approved member by this year. So far I have a balaclava. I am in shape, but my height worries me if I should build a Stormtrooper...
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