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  1. Wanting to replace my bubble lenses for potential cleaning, replacing and for better comfort. I prefer to have them separated from one another. Magnets, velcro, silicone/ glue? What can I do? Or is there a vendor / place I can order from already? Any build threads or pictures? Please let me know. Thanks.
  2. Thank you so much for suggesting imgur. I have made a new post to follow up with this, but with more pictures with an imgur link. Please let me know what you think. - JC
  3. Hello,TKs! Finally getting closer...only thing stopping me is fitment. 1st time using imgur, so hopefully the photos are there: http://imgur.com/gallery/Yhw9Yx4 As of now, I'm wanting to start with the lower half. Most notably the thighs and bate plate... But plate sticks out, and I feel that the thighs are too high on me and wide. What do you think? How can I fix this, so I can not only look accurate, but also be quite mobile in armor, too, without armor pinches and rubs. Height: 5'6ish / 7 Weight: 145/50 Assuming I need to make trims on t
  4. Got any before and after pictures? Microfiber washcloth, or?
  5. Hey, Troopers! What are the best methods and product brands that are typically used for polishing ABS plastic that won't damage it?
  6. Hello, I am seeking feedback on fitment and overall look. As of now, basic, but I'd eventually would like to shoot for level 3. And will do whatever it takes to reach that. I'd like the overall look, while having to be mobile in armor. Adjustments have been made to kidney plate, cod piece and thighs. Thighs: Trimmed from the top (since movement was restricted / was bit passed my knees before). Cod piece: Trimmed and repositioned higher to avoid rubbing on thighs / fit better with my proportions. Kidney: Trimmed (originally very roomy, but now I can get into it. Before It had to be attached to
  7. Hey, Stormtroopers! So, I received my Imperial boots, and my question is: How long did it take you to get comfortable in walking in your boots? I started to get the wrinkles in the leather, which is inevitable to happen (even the figures have it, so it's accurate), but I think I am walking slightly weird / a bit slow in them. How did you guys manage? Any input on this topic? Did it take you awhile to get comfortably adjusted in the boots to walk casual? Update: I am getting closer on my build. I just now need armor and a blaster. All soft part
  8. Just bought this 40 Gal tote. I would like to eventually add lining / padding inside, so the armor can be well protected. What do you guys think? Great size overall, or? Opinions, ideas? Let's see your tote. I wanted to fit eveything inside, and for about 24 dollars, I thought it was decent. It has wheels, and it isn't heavy. #MoreProgress
  9. What are you using for compression / thermal under suit? Is there a particular type most troopers prefer? As of now, I'm considering on picking up a one piece type, rather than a 2 piece. Despite what you own, tell me why you prefer yours. Links are always appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. I have considered it, plus the con would allow it, I'm wanting to go for level 3, and was told that doesn't qualify... Do you know what is great for level 3, and con safe friendly, too? Or is that where I'd have to own both a con safe and an electronic version that'd qualify for level 3 approval? I'd like a blingy version, but would be nice if I could bring into a con, too. If not, then I suppose I may have to own a friendly version and a nicer version.
  11. Hello, Troopers I am looking for guidance to help me find a completed (trying to avoid building from scratch) blaster like the one similar in the video: Is there a particular person I could go to? I would like to purchase one that is completed with electronics, rather than building from scratch? I have been reading the forums, but if I have missed a particular thread, please direct me to the source. Thanks in advance.
  12. That's what I was thinking, but became somewhat discouraged, after the person in the YouTube video mentioning the potential problems with the less durable leather can possibly mess with the lower leg armor flopping outta place or whatever Have you had problems relating to that?
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