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  1. Thank you! Yeah its been 4k and that is the smallest when it comes to expenses. Follow Central Texas Droids on Facebook to see some of our droids!
  2. I understand this isn't a cheap hobby... I am finishing up my R2-D2 right now and it's costed me a lot as well as my mando. I just want a kit that's worth the pain. I'll definitely keep in contact! thank you for all of your advice!
  3. As I just saw this I found his thread!
  4. The main thing I heard from Star Garrison Members is that it takes an extra person to help you get it all on.
  5. HI! I have been with and talked to Star Garrison and I am almost about to move onto my next project being an FOTK. Need a little advice though. I switched from doing commander cody to an FOTK because it's not easy to find all of the components. How bad is the price for an FOTK. I was planning on using KB PROPS for my kit and Geeky Pink's for the gaskets. What else am I missing besides the boots (Imperial Boots)?
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