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  1. On 8/14/2019 at 10:43 AM, TheSwede said:

    Hi again Jennifer - let´s get to it!


    CRL and Centurion Application Requirements

    All required photos are now in and, after review, we are pleased to welcome you to Centurion! On behalf of the DO team and myself, many congratulations! :duim: 


    Other-Armor Fit/Assembly

    In this area we discuss areas that could benefit from additional improvement. Note that we consider both text (CRL) and pictures (screen caps/reference images) when reviewing submissions. And just like in EIB we'll start from the top down. 

    You have done a great job on your armor and it fits you really good. We only have two small suggestions to make. 


    We start with the shoulder bridges and if you want to come closer to screen accuracy our suggestion would be to cut those bigger tabs off.



    Second and final suggestion is to be mindful on the shin closure when suiting up, this was also mentioned during your EIB.



    And that´s it! Again congratulations on a job well done and welcome to Centurion:salute:

    Looks amazing! 

  2. Got a ANH stormtrooper suit. Check list - helmet , done. Body armour done still Ned’s mods. Black body suit ,neck seal,gloves, replica E-11, white boots,voice amp, . This is for basic approval. Just need to send pictures wen I get it all done . 

  3. 2 hours ago, han_solo1 said:

    Hello fellow stormtrooper.  Can anyone tell me the pro and cons using hard hat liner or foam helmet liner?

    I’m guessing that you make it as your fitting it as you go . I’ll be doing foam to fit better. Maybe a Chen strap.  just need to fit and see how it goes. Play with it . I’ll tell ya I’ve worked with a helmet on and ya don’t want it to be moving side to side y’all will look goofy. Good luck 

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  4. 4 hours ago, Helotech said:

    Hi all,

    Kind of a long rambling post with some questions near the end, so please be patient.

    I've never  posted here before, but have been creeping this and various other armor sites for a long time. 

    This may not even be the proper place to post this.

    This is not a true criticism of this or any other site, but there is such a thing as way too much info. LOL

    I became overwhelmed with the amount of separate forum topics, criticisms and comparisons of one armour over another, and trying to get past peoples biases. Also, some of the info was several years out of date.


    I originally thought to purchase a good quality set of TK armour for display and occasional wear. Not that money was no object or that I'm lazy, but I wanted something with minimal fuss that  I could pay for the convenience of having it pre -assembled and look decent.

    People consistently posted that you should order the basic pieces, be willing to trim plastic, source small snaps and buckles and build the armour from scratch to truly enjoy this amazing hobby. Sorry, I don't buy that.

    I was not sure of joining the 501st for various reasons, so absolute complete screen accuracy was originally not too much of a concern. I soon learned, amongst other things, that there were various definitions of what screen accuracy is / was. Who was right in this respect?


    Anyways, after I had gone down every rabbit hole I thought I could find, I decided to take the plunge and order a complete Hero set from SDS. (Some of you probably just spit out your blue milk...)

    Only after paying for it and having confirmation of shipping (more on this in a bit) did I go down further rabbit holes. I then discovered mostly older but some new posts from various sources saying the AA / SDS armor is " No good!  Stay Away! Avoid at all costs! Not screen accurate! Cobbled together from ESB or ROTJ pieces with lots of inaccuracies"


    Also, no matter what many people think of AA's business practices, he eventually did win the legal right to make the armour. Lets please not harp on this in this post...

    Various reviews I've seen on other armour manufacturers listed worse problems, so I felt relatively safe ordering this armour.


    Yes, the SDS armour is expensive, but:

    - The customer service was excellent

    - The complete armour, boots, body glove, neck covering, gloves, E11 blaster and holster plus display stands were ordered from the UK last week on Wednesday and just delivered to my front door in Canada. They are sitting in my dining room waiting for me to get home from work.

    - SDS seems to be one of the only makers that has the correct colour for the armour (once again, I'm not a complete expert here)


    Anyways, the questions are:


    1) Is SDS sill considered bad?

    2) More importantly, why?

    3) It looks like a very good representation of TK armour. It may be missing a few rivets, snaps or buckles here or there, but these are easily added if I choose to. Is the basic armour still acceptable for 501st?

    4) I think the armour comes with a complete solid / ABS belt. (main bad point I've noticed) This will be confirmed once I open the boxes. Was the movie TK armour only supplied with a fabric rear portion? It is hard to discern in movie stills. Sometimes it looks like fabric, other times it seems to solid and plastic like


    Thanks for any help you can provide.


    Dave (Hopefully future TK.........something.... something ......something......)



    I can totally understand that over the top information. I want to look awesome but not scared if I don’t have it exactly. 

  5. On 3/30/2019 at 2:34 PM, CableGuy said:

    Hi J,

    Great to hear you’re starting your journey. :-)

    A great place to see the various types of armor at their best is the Expert Infantry and Centurion applications (https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/113-advanced-tactics/). You’ll see many armor makers as well as various size and shape troopers.

    For examples of how kits are put together, check out the work in progress threads. For example, ANH builds here; https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/80-anh-build-threads/. Once your armour arrives, you’d be advised to start your own thread and we can give advise specific to you.

    Best wishes for your trooper journey.


    Thanks dan 

  6. 1 hour ago, ariskard said:

    Hello everyone, 

    i am a new member of the forum and i've been reading through discussions and posts all day.

    I am for Greece and, along with a friend, we are thinking of entering the "stormtrooping world", by ordering our first kits and eventually - hopefully- joining the 501st. 

    I have noted the vetted sellers, especially the ones form UK, but i would also like to ask if there is any other you can propose, who would be a more convenient choice for my country of residence (i guess people from the garissons around Greece may have an idea).. 

    Also, we were considering tkuk as an option (i think it was among the suggested sellers a while ago), but noticed the negative comments in the forums. Apart from the behavior they showed in that particular incident, would you say that the kit they offer is far from good? Would it -if fitted and modded properly- qualify for being accepted to the 501st? I am asking this, because  budget-wise, it is our best option (each kit would be around 375 euros...and it already is a lot of money for our country's economy).


    Thank you for your time


    I’ll be getting my suit as well. Good luck 

  7. Yes I have done a lot of research.. a lot . I mean ya that’s great. And I can modify my suit. And yes for the money I can see that lots of people prefer movie accuracy.. I get that and everyone looks awesome amazing in their suits. It’s really the only option I have as I don’t have a lot of time to do a bild.. trust me I would love to do that for myself.. and I totally agree with u get what you pay for which is what everyone is saying her .. just saying that I’m sure that they have made some changes to their problems and product.. I would love to see more pictures of comparable suits from stormtrooper store compared to AP- Anovos- RS. Ect . Thanks for the feedback much appreciated... keep on trooping 

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