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    I went on my first larp in 91, so the amount of bites through the years have been quite a few ^^ Looking forward to the holster, and am actually gonna make another holster for a customer soon. A concealed version of a PPQ 22, so i´m sure that will bring me more than enough headache before i am pleased haha.
  2. As a leathercrafter, you never know what you will create since all customers have their different orders, wants and needs. I recently closed my shop due to construction work in the store area, so nowadays it´s crafting in the home instead and on a smaller scale. However, anything is possible still and here are a few examples of previous creations. I also create jewelry in silver, bronze, titanium, pearls, bones etc and specifically and very often, the Norse often seen Kingslink worn a lot by Viking reenactors. A note for the leather: All leather and skin used in the crafts are always from a Vegetable tanned source. No chrome products is, will or have ever been used and that is a very high importance for me. I only use Vegetable tanned materials, everything is hand crafted from the ground up and hand stitched, colored, engraved and made worn. So... as said...some mixed items coming. Starting with a hello from me at Birka 2018 A custom commission for a fantasy larp. Customer wanted a very specific setup with a light battle-worn patina and a crest their group uses. The armor is a two item setup with the Chest and Belt combination. The client had a Thors Hammer, but nothing else. We opted to make him a set of 925 Sterling silver Wolf´s heads clasping rings attached through a twisted silver bar that went through the hammer and held everything in place on the 65 cm long chain. The following picture is the same weave but on a thinner scale and in copper. All these rings where created by hand one at the time, then hand sawed and mounted. Some light engraving for a restaurant to put the customers check´s and credit cards in. And to close with, the old Cosplay pics from Gamex when we did a job for EA / Bioware for Dragon Age Inquisition. Here i used an old Chest armor etc i had at home and a bud´s sword , but we only had 14 days to make the stuff so, sometimes a shortcut is needed haha. Keyword to make it work when in a rush. Layers layers layers.
  3. Thank you =) There are plans ahead this spring that will be posted here as well. Got some Artifacts, both Jedi and Sith in planning and am looking a bit for concept arts to make versions of the Force books from the Last Jedi. In short...i can´t afford collectors items, so i´l be making my own
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    Thank you. The Rogue One DeathTrooper was the plan among others yes. The 501 forum is on one of my tabs, so thank you for that indeed. There are other Imperial costumes in interest as well, but to start of it´s gonna be the DT as it feels now =)
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    Thank you for this =)
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    Oh i am sure you did a fantastic job anyways However, i would be happy to help in any way i can in any further craft, and do post what you made. Love too see other crafters work. I will be sure to post tips as well
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    Thank you all for the welcomes As for the me being a leathercrafter. If i can help in any way or if anyone has any questions about leather, types of leather, colors, durability, patina techniques etc, feel free to ask away in any way or form. I can post some crafts later on in the Non SW costume department.