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  1. I would recommend placing the mounting tab right underneath the "pec" ridge and running the longest straps you made (that will still of course have it hang right). This give you a bit more ability to have your chest plate be able to slide over your ab when you bend forward and will increase your range of motion. I would bring your back to kidney straps in a bit and use three (or move them out at least) between the kidney and posterior.
    You can also trim quite a bit off the cod and posterior tabs at the bottoms for comfort. Shoulder bridges definitely need to be bent so they're rounded too. Would have been easier to do before attaching...
    Shin coverstrip looks too wide as well - should be 20mm. Back of shin is 25mm and only half glued on.
    Just to confirm, you're following a build thread, ya?
    Hope all this helps, glad to see the progress man!

    I am following a few build threads, messed up the cover strip. Made it 25mm instead of 20mm. Will adjust.

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  2. You may find these threads useful
    A lot of us use double snaps just in case one fails you can still wear the armor  
    For more screen accurate details check out the images in the gallery section 

    I noticed in the last pic that the but plate is cut separate from the abdomen, did I miss that in my research?

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