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  1. Hello all! My name is Alain and I think I have a problem. It all began last halloween when I was browsing cheap online costumes and stumbled upon the ugliest stormtrooper tissue costume ever .. and then, wondered if it was possible to get myself a real one. After a couple months of reading around, sending emails and browsing forums, I finally found a good source (which I think I can't even name here) and ordered an ANH armor! Actually, went to pick it up myself! And so, here I am, reading your forums, asking to get sent more accurate aerators and a so cool blaster. Anyway, I thought I'd ask about some opinions on my costume. For now, it's only the bucket that I took a picture of, and the abs plate (in my album: Album in progress here http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/index.php...um&album=36 LMK what you think!! Oh yeah, and funny thing, I fit really well in a ANH suit although I am 6'3" and 190lbs .. So anyone wanting to buy an FX kit, make sure that you don't fit in a super nice screen accurate armor before! Cheers and give me some feedback! Al (still figuring out if he's gonna register in a regiment somewhere as I'm in Canada, Qc) [March 19th, Update ] I've finaly acquired my mannequin to display my almostready suit - still didn't figure the knee pad as it doesn't fit at all .. but that should give you a good idea of what the suit looks like on a 6'' mannequin. Here's more pictures What do you guys think, all inputs negative or positive are welcome as this is my first try at this!
  2. Wow! That's just perfect!!! Thanks TK8280 & Troopermaster!!!
  3. ANH holster .. as I have an ANH ap armor as well
  4. Hi all .. First, I'm new to this forum and salute you all! I'm in the process of completing my armor, and now, looking for the final details, weapon & holster. So, I'm trying to get my hands on a holster pattern since I have leather shops close to my place and would like to give a try at having one built for me. So, would anyone have a pattern with proper dimensions and details? Thanks, Al
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