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  1. Talked to Joe by email .. even though shipping to Canada was 250$ .. I'm pretty they will work something out before this kit ships next year!


    I ordered 2x OT TK kits to Montreal and it was a grand total of 78$ for both, no broker fees or anything.  That was shipped USPS.

    There's no reason they won't be able to ship close to that amount again.


    That being said, without the Tier pricing, I asked Joe what was the advantage of buying now.  His answer was simple : once this introductory wave runs out, the price will go up.


    I clicked "Order", smiled and went to sleep.



  2. Let me see ..


    MRCE and AP are both ABS (not 100% sure on CE though) .. so no need to paint.


    Price is around 100$ for MRCE .. while AP is around 250$ .. BUT you can have a flawed AP helmet kit for I think, aruond 160$ which, from the people here who got one, isn't even flawed to their eyes .. a few thin spot maybe, but I do have it on mine too anyway (not a flawed kit) and I definitely don't mind anyway.


    AP is much better looking then the MR one .. and the price diff is not enough to truly make a diff in the balance. Plus, pretty much all MRCE bucket we see on FX kit are completely off in the color ...


    Again, my opinion .. and I'm completely sold to AP too ;)

  3. Martin,

    Totally legit question .. I've had to research that as well when I built mine ..


    Here's the measurement thread:




    Here's my own build thread for a metal barrel blaster:




    That should be more than you need ;)

  4. My thoughts ...


    - Are the drop box straps black? Shouldn't tehey be white?

    - The frown paint looks more ROTJ style then ANH to me. I thought this was important and only the bridges had to have paint?

    - The bicep parts looks a too big and low on the arm, I would strongly suggest padding them so that they fall more naturally on the arm. Also the trimming seems unequal on the left side, perhaps it's just how you velcroed it uneven on this particular session?

    - I didn't see your boots on any pics...


    On another note ...


    - I love your vocoder black area .. that can't be painted right? It's so clean!

    - I feel you too on the black showing everywhere, I'm at 6'3" myself! ;)

    - Gotta love AP! ;)

  5. God!


    Just finished my Biker Scout costume ready for Lancer approval. Hopefully, I wish to be the first TK Elite and TB Lancer :) That being done, I'll need to do a manny to put my suit on since I don't have occasions to troop here, might as well put him up on display!


    So now, I'll be back working on my Studio Scale X-Wing .. aswesome piece, and I've decided to light it all, fiber optics in the cockpit and LEDs in the thrusters .. after that, the paint job will not be an easy one .. these birds are quite a challenge and I'm such a newb to all of this!


    Next in line is my Studio Scale ROTJ ATST which I'll also have to build and paint ...


    Then, I have a 3PO head waiting to be built along with 2 more droids: EV-9D9 and CZ-1.


    I suppose I'm good till 2021! :D

  6. Don't remove material from the extremities to have a better flex .. you'll regret it later with all the black material showing! Take it from a 6'3" guy with a lot of black but still a pretty good fit in an AP.


    About the problem with moving pieces .. I added foam inside the part to prevent it from moving .. Add over that the fact that you won't necessarily have huge movement to do that will make them fit.


    Still, what I would suggest is to remove on the red line you draw .. just make sure to just remove in the inner part though, not the outside part like I said to preven showing extra black for nothing .. if you look at the movie, you'll see Luke is quite trimmed at this area too.

  7. I've always used the hair dryer to shape my ABS .. it's never a big reshaping, but it worked quite well every time I used it .. for example, I've used it on my AP shoulder strap to shape it in an arc .. just pretty much strapped the ABS around any cylindrical object (bottle of wine should do it, then, I heat them up! Waited a bitfor them to be warm enough, and then, cold bath to freeze the shape!


    They will come back .. but since I'm pushing it around smaller object in general, when extending back they'll stay pretty much in the middle and that's the shape I'm looking at.


    For the trimming, yeah, for me, it's always been dremel and sand paper .. any grit that works for you!

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