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  1. Thank you, Bulldog44! I appreciate the advice. I’ll definitely keep that in mind throughout my build. I’m still in the planning and research phase, although I’m excited to eventually get started!
  2. Thank you, Cricket! Super excited to get started!
  3. Thanks! I know! I definitely had an ‘ah-ha’ moment when I found the CRL for it. Can’t wait to get started! Sounds good! We figure it might be helpful to attend the shop night next month to learn a bit and see how it all works!
  4. Thank you for reaching out! I will definitely take a look at your build thread! And I’m sure you’ll be receiving a good bit of questions soon. Haha. As others have pointed out about the long wait time, I have decided to go ahead and order my boots next month in hopes that the dates will line up with other items as well. Excited to begin this journey!
  5. Thank you! Oh this will be so helpful!!! Thank you! Yes, after a bit of research, we have decided to order my shoes next month. I hope I can time everything just right, so that it all arrives close to the same time.
  6. Thank you so much for the welcome and links! As suggested by another member, I am purchasing the soft parts now, to keep from being overwhelmed. That check list is amazingly detailed and will definitely help to keep us organized. We are so excited to start this journey! I appreciate the outpouring of support and help. This truly already feels like a big family!
  7. Thank you! My husband will be making his profile this evening. And I appreciate the tip! I am doing my research now and will begin collecting soft parts through the next few months until we are ready to order our kits.
  8. The kind welcome from everyone is wonderfully overwhelming! Thank you all so much for the kind words and tips. My husband will be making his profile this evening so we can begin the process. As suggested, we have decided to begin collecting the soft parts for the next few months before purchasing the “big brown box”. As well, I will be purchasing my shoes next month in hopes that everything arrives close to the same time. We are so exciting to begin this journey!
  9. Hello Everyone, I have just begun my research in the Trooper world, but have solidly set my sights on a female Legacy trooper version A. (I’m short, so I need all the height I can get!) I am already a member of the RL , but only a cadet in the 501st. Me and my husband both hope to begin our builds this fall/winter depending on research and budget. I appreciate any tips and tricks fellow members would like to share!
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