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  1. 1 hour ago, CableGuy said:

    Hi Jamie,

    As it’s a lesser known maker (don’t think I’ve seen one before), I’d suggest contacting your Garrison’s GML. They’ll advise if the armour meets the requirements for basic.

    Best of luck,

    Thanks Dan, I'd been in touch with a couple of the local members prior to getting my kit and that's how I found about him so I know a number of the kiwi members have kits from him that have been approved - plus I liked the idea of buying something locally made :)

  2. 5 hours ago, TKSpartan said:

    Hi Jamie, Welcome to FISD.  Great job with your build and I'm sure you're going for an easy approval.


    Looking at your helmet, you have a bit of extra return edge around your eyes, A few minutes with a dremel should clean it up nicely.





    Good luck and hope to see your TK ID soon.



    Thanks for that - yes I was probably a bit conservative there, certainly figuring it's easier to take a bit more off than going too far - it'll improve the field of vision a bit too lol!

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  3. First/last name - Jamie McEwan

    Garrison - Outpost 42, New Zealand Garrison

    Armor maker - Oota Goota (NZ builder)

    Helmet maker - Oota Goota

    Cloth belt maker - Rob Kittell

    Neck seal maker - Darman

    Boot maker - Imperial Boots

    TK type - ANH Stunt


    Hi all, I'm looking for some feedback on my build, I think I still have some trimming/sculpting to do around my thighs but happy to take any other tips people may have out there :-)

    Only have 0.5mb for the photos so will try and add the ab plate and helmet photos below...









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