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  1. I am in Dunfermline close to Edinburgh ,i am just restarting my pipe as was not very happy with the first one and am going to be more careful this time starting with a bathroom towel rail and instead of gluing the template in place am using sticky a4 tear free paper , i have so many original and accurate reproduction parts i wanted them to be assembled on a perfect steel pipe ,i dont have the trigger assembly only an original grip dose anyone know where i can purchase a metal replica as i can only find 3d printed versions.
  2. Thanks Boys very useful i have seen bits of this over the years but not like this thank you .
  3. I have been a fan of Star Wars since i seen the original in 77 i think the fact that no other has came close to creating such a feeling in fact when i started a window company in 1996 my logo was set out in a similar format ( see profile pic ) i have started collecting parts to build an E11 Blaster and with the help of the fantastic War machine have 70 % of them now i will post progress pics and videos as i go . I am a proud new member and love being here . Graeme
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