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  1. 1 hour ago, gmrhodes13 said:

    Your question was "Do Any Garrisons approve any alternate types of troopers? What I mean is I created a trooper character based on the Thermal Exhaust maintenance port."


    Now to attend events unofficially that's entirely up to your garrison command staff and depends at which events BUT you won't be able join as a member of that garrison or the 501st legion unless you have an approved costume ;) 


  2. 5 minutes ago, Harbinger said:

    For unofficial troops perhaps they would let you, I would look into finding a helmet that will fit you suitably, it looks like if you get a different helmet and leave the 'construction worker' bits off you could get basic approval.

    I do have the SDS helmet that came with the armor. I need to loose a little more weight before the rest of the costume fits properly, that was the reason for the "fun trooper costume" The outfit itself was a little small, i had to expand the biceps and probably will need to do so on the legs. However I am thinking of buying the anovos Xtra large outfit they currently have available

  3. Hey All, Question. Do Any Garrisons approve any alternate types of troopers? What I mean is I created a trooper character based on the Thermal Exhaust maintenance port. As a slightly larger person it was my early work around to troop in a charachter from the movie...with a twist. While the armor is SDS the helmet was the black series (because I couldn't get myself to ruin a perfectly good helmet by cutting off the top) I have UKsWrath audio system installed but other Non-trooper accessories adorn the outfit...suspenders..hard hat...tools..etc. Just curious. I love trooping and just was curious if there was anywhere else to go. If you need more photos to see @trooperrepair on twitter. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

  4. yeah waiting for some material to expand biceps to move them up, this was a rough template with some extended velcro to get them on. I’m actually working on a stormtrooper mashup design, which won’t hurt the armor so I can use it as a full trooper later. The helmet is being saved, and I bought a cheap spare to be part of the mashup.

  5. Hey All. Question. I currently purchased a Battle spec from armor set. (I know the discussions about who to buy etc etc) My question is (and I've searched with no luck) Is there a way to make pieces larger that are already sealed and made? For example the calf pieces won't close. they are velcro ends on the ABS plastic. Any thoughts on what to add to expand these and make them hold? Also, where can find longer pieces of elastic with velcro ends, to expand the torso a little by a few inches. This may be a battle lost and I may just have to return the set with the dreams of a stormtrooper dying. you can see in the photos a right calf and right thigh, it can be a daunting gap.








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