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  1. fixed the belt, how could i have missed that. thank you
  2. Apology in advance, I don’t how to delete my old topic (please let me know if there’s a way to update your topic). Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Thanks in advance Name: Thor Nualsumlee Armor type: Anovos, TM hero helmet, ATA shoulder straps TK type: Hero ANH
  3. will it be okay to add foam instead of trimming the thigh? I my feet kindna already has a hard time going through and I would like to keep the look from the front. thanks much
  4. Please ignore the loosing strap on the left side view, will take care of that next time. thanks so much! name: Thor Nualsumlee armor maker: Anovos, ATA shoulder straps, Troopermaster Hero helmet. tk: anh hero https://m.imgur.com/a/66FB7QB
  5. for the second question if the plate can go like this
  6. I’m a skinny guy so I added some foam on the inside after reading some suggestions and minimize the overlapping a bit. Would like to know if this is acceptable or will I need to fix. also can the butt plate come up and go over the back plate (it just fits me better) will that be acceptable also? thank you.
  7. And is it good enough for basic approval? thanks in advance I prefer the look of hero and this helmet met all the CRL unless i’m missing something
  8. Hi, I working on putting a strap between the biceps and the forearm but I’m not sure which way it’s suppose to go. In the picture, the ‘A’ way allows for movement but the ‘B’ seem to be more popular. thanks in advance.
  9. My shoulder straps snapped and instead of repairing the straps I replaced them (I used the broken straps to make some paste). My replacement straps are too long however, so I trimmed (from the back) 1 big bar and two smaller ones to fit properly after reading some forums about cutting the straps. Was wondering if this is approvable or will I have to buy a new set of straps. Any suggestions on which one to buy? Thanks in advance.
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