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  1. It is originally a suit from WTF(stunt), I mistakenly got somebody to help when I had no time (life issues). But thats life and you move on. It looks like they were shimmed with some sort of garage sign material..ugh............I have a concern about the bottom, it looks like part of the bottom ridge has been cut away, is it needed for passing? if so I may just see about purchasing another set.....And again thanks guys. I appreciate all the help now that I am actually able to do this.
  2. thanks, that really helps....I will try this before venturing to buy replacements. Lesson learned....do it yourself.
  3. I uploaded some more pics of them here....http://dndprops.com/?page_id=563
  4. Hey guys, need some help and advice. Long story made short, I got some help on putting the suit together and this is what the thighs looks like when i got them back. Will this pass basic? Any idea on how to make this more pleasing to the eye? Thanks and I really appreciate all the help and comments.
  5. Background: I have a WTF TK and the shoulder bells were to small for me ( I lift a lot ). I ordered some bigger ones and they seem to fit pretty good-but I noticed the color is a bit off to me. Is it off enough that I should look for new ones or paint the entire suit or something else? I have tried painting them already with the white semi-gloss I have seen recommended by others and this is the end result of that. Maybe a Sandtrooper is in my future. Thoughts? Thanks and I really appreciate all the help. Carlton
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