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  1. I accidentally stumbled upon this image while looking at a 2013 post from AsBlondeAsLuke. It was taken at a Star Wars exhibit in San Jose, CA. Provides some great detail on some of those added greeblies. I’m guessing it’s an ESB stunt or promo blaster given that it has what appears to be a solid sight rail? Just thought it was cool as I don’t ever recall having seen one up close and detailed.
  2. 9/11/2021 - Art in the Park, Elmwood Park Zoo, Norristown, NJ Knocked out my first troop as a TK today.
  3. The pic of the underside is concerning. The gasket might not be seated correctly but it looks a little warped and the bottom surrounds for the mic tips appear to be dented, especially the left when looking at it from below. May only need a little tlc but I’d make some inquiries of the seller.
  4. Welcome to the ranks James. Excellent work and a great accomplishment!
  5. Congratulations to the Master himself! Well done Glen! Your kit looks incredible, as always!
  6. [Mention]TheDecisiveRaindrop[/Mention] Excellent post that captures the journey and experience of many in the Legion. Well said and excellent advice!
  7. True Glen. I’m wondering if GMLs are basing decisions on “common knowledge” as most reference pics from the films do show the wire. Just spitballing there. However all the CRLs state that “Text descriptions are only one part of the guideline. GML’s and costumers must consider both text and pictures (CRL and Reference) when reviewing the costume.” And here’s the thing. Not only is mention of the wire absent from the written CRL, it also looks as though the wires are not present in the image files for the DLT19 posted with the CRLs. If they are there, they’re darn near impossible to see. Contrast that with the image files for the DLT19-X on the ROTJ Scout where you can clearly see the wires around the fins. Again no mention of the wire in that CRL, but I know some scouts who have been flagged by GMLs for not having the wire based on the image file.
  8. The series looks cool. I’m fascinated that Disney gave these 7 studios such creative leeway given Disney’s approach since assuming control of the franchise. It’ll be interesting to see what the studios came up with and how they took advantage of the opportunity. Looking forward to seeing it.
  9. Andrew pretty much summed it up. You do excellent work Ardeshir. Good luck brother!
  10. Congratulations Joe. You look amazing and I’ll be eagerly looking forward to your joining the ranks of EIB and Centurion soon!
  11. Looking good Joe! I had the same issue with my butt and kidney plates. I replaced the outer most snaps with the hook and loop. I glued white hook to the ab and kidney plates and then ran two vertical 2” strips of loop from the kidney to the butt plate and that locked everything up real tight.
  12. There may be no glory, but your level of knowledge and expertise from all those builds and your willingness to share it makes you invaluable to the detachment Glen, as evidenced by your 10K+ posts.
  13. Congratulations Natalie! Welcome!
  14. Making excellent progress as expected Joe. Your attention to detail is always impressive...most impressive. I’d tell you to keep up the great work, but you doing that is a given [emoji6].
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