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  1. Like I always say, you’ve got a meticulous eye for detail brother and really do your research, which is why your builds are outstanding. Real works of art. Love these little details you note in your builds from time to time. Well done and we’ll deserved. Congrats!
  2. You rock Brother! Congratulations on another stellar build and well deserved Centurion!
  3. Glad to see you progressing on this Iman and looking forward to trooping with you once approved. Keep up the great work brother!
  4. Love your work Ardeshir! Your attention to detail is unsurpassed as are your submission photos! Looking forward to congratulating you (again and again on your Executioner app)!
  5. Stellar work as always. Looks like you’ll have another Centurion level armor for your TK Armory for sure!
  6. I might not be understanding you correctly, but the “support” piece is the dowel or in your modification the aluminum rod. The PVC is not a support piece but the actual barrel of the weapon which sits inside the barrel shroud (that is the printed piece in your pic above). Depending of the design of your print, the end of the PVC pipe should insert maybe 1/2” - 1” into the main body of the DLT19 and the also into the tip of the muzzle on the other end. The rod/dowel that sits in the PVC pipe usually runs from inside the muzzle, through the PVC and extends into the stock. That is what strengthens the prop. Your PVC pipe looks a bit thick so maybe it’s not able to go into the muzzle or main body. I used a 1/2” copper pipe instead of PVC with the dowel running through it and had no issues with fit, but again your design may be different. Do you have shots of the muzzle and main body where the dowel inserts?
  7. Yep! I too use the dash. TK-60446. No tat though….yet [emoji6].
  8. Man, where were you last week when I tried to follow another tutorial and had an epic fail , which led me to bag the idea and just purchase one. This is an awesome tutorial and I can see now where my errors were. All's not lost though, as I need to replace a neck seal for my son, and will be following this tutorial for sure. This will be a huge help to your fellow troopers down the line. Well done Gerald and thanks for taking the time to not only post your work, but for all of the detailed photos and instructions that make this tutorial an excellent reference.
  9. #2 - TPD Trunk or Treat, Landsdale, PA 10/30/21 On patrol with fellow TK-15028. Going head to head with a sumo.
  10. Hey John! Great trooping with you and your wife the other day! I don’t know any female TKs that use a voice changer, but in looking for voice changers for Vader a while back I discovered that they do make voice changers for online gaming that allow you to change voices from male to female and vice versa. Most will probably plug right into your mic and speaker system with little issue. You can check out Amazon to get an idea of what’s available, and make sure to check out reviews, as I’m sure some probably produce poorer results than others.
  11. AradunFF

    FISD Memes

    I’m loving these memes. Although at the rate Glen is cranking them out, he’s going to hit 30K posts in no time [emoji1787].
  12. Glen, you seriously need to get yourself a hobby. Oh, wait… Congrats brother! You are truly a legend and your passion for FISD and Star Wars is an inspiration to us all.
  13. You are truly a machine Glen. I’d love to know where you store all of this lol. Congrats brother!
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