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  1. I had a crack in the same spot with PVC, did the same glued with CA glue, piece of cloth and some more glue, then reinforced similar to what you did but more hidden.
  2. Hey Whitearmor! I have a built RS Props kit that is PVC and wanted to get your advice. I have now done a few troops in it and got a few rough marks from trooping and started to research how to care for my armor to ensure that it's good for a very long time. Well, there are varying opinions on this topic of debate for PVC specific armor. Some say to use Novus and some say don't use novus and to use soap and water and car polish. I wanted to get your input on how to care for PVC armor, cleaning, full polishing, and all the steps included. Please include reasoning to do specific things. Thanks in advance!
  3. Woo! Thanks Tony, should be seeing my EIB in the near future! EDIT: Centurion not EIB....
  4. Will do as soon as I get home from work later! Thanks for the input on sanding those rivets and feedback everyone!
  5. Hey David, The insides are not painted white but the outsides are, paint doesn't like to stick to those rivets. I can paint another coat? thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Thank you! Very easy fixes indeed, I really appreciate the suggestions. Should be able to adjust the straps on all those connection points. I do have the single cap rivets, here are the requested pics. This was sanded, wouldn't come off either way. Even with tape got a little bit of the armor, should be easy to buff out before the next troop. Let me know if you need the kit on for this and it cleaned up. Here is a pic of inside the thigh ammo pack rivet.
  7. Name: Edit for privacy Armor = Rs Prop Masters (TK ANH STUNT) Helmet= Rs Prop Masters Blaster= Hyperfirm E-11 (HfX) Height = 5'10" Weight = 172 pounds lbs Boots = ImperialBoots Canvas belt = Imperial Issue (Rob Kittell) Hand Plates = Rs Prop Masters Electronics= n/a Neck Seal = Darman's Props Holster = Darman's Props Front Back Left - Arms raised Right - Arms raised Right Side Detail - Arm raised Left Side Detail - Arm raised Abdomen Details Sniper Knee Knee Rivet Knee Rivet - other side Action Shot Cod and Butt Plate Attachment Interior Strapping Helmet - Front Helmet - Side (Right) Helmet - Side (Left) Helmet - Hovi Tip Detail Helmet - Lens Color (backlight) Helmet - Inside Helmet - S Trim Blaster Left Blaster Right Blaster (D-ring) Neck Seal Thermal Detonator - Back Holster Attachment
  8. Requesting access please! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25455
  9. Appreciate everyone's advice on getting started with my FOTK, thank you!
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