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  1. Hello I hope I posted in the right thread. If not I apologize Hi I am fairly new to the legion and my first costume is anh tk stunt. Still got many things I am trying to learn and understand about the legion. I was curious about a particular costume/crl and I know eventually my TK is gonna pick up a few battle scars overtime and usually people choose to either do a sandy or some other tk. I was thinking of wanting to do a Shock trooper but only saw that there is only a crl based on Battlefront/ ROTJ armor. I saw that hot toys and Hasbro had made Shock trooper figures with the ANH armor. Id think that there would be Shock Troopers before ROTJ right?? I was wondering if it would be possible to make a crl for a ANH Shock Trooper by any chance? Was curious because the ANH armor is my favorite and thought it be cool to give the armor a paint job later in the future. On a side note I did see on the existing crl that a level 2 certification required the ROTJ styled armor but the basic still needed the egg shaped hand guards if I am not mistaken? So if a crl for ANH version wasn't possible then maybe I could go with just needing the egg shaped hand guards. What do you guys think? I posted pictures of both the hot toys and Hasbro as reference.
  2. Good to know, thank you very much for the information
  3. It was awesome to meet you and the guys at the con! Thank you thank you for helping me out it was a privilege! Sorry for the late reply, just got done with a con in Seattle/resting up. I need to add ya if that is cool?
  4. Thank you very much! sorry for the late reply I just got done with a convention in seattle. I will get to submission asap thank you again very much!!
  5. Thank you very much for the welcome . I do love my RS Armor, it is worth every penny I spent on it!! I thank you guys for all the help so far. Currently I am waiting for admin approval for the Could City Garrison forums then I plan on submitting. Really excited and cannit wait to do so. I'll be sure to look at the Adavanced Tatics, thank you again.
  6. Im in the Vancouver area of SW Washington
  7. I will keep that in mind, thank you very much
  8. Thank you Caligari, I just got done with applying for the Cloud City forums. Waiting for there response thank you for your help and for the welcome
  9. Hello, I live around the Vancouver/Portland area and I just got my RS Prop Masters ANH Stormtrooper commission this last Friday. I got to meet the Cloud City Garrison at Cherry City Comic Con where I was able to get some tips and feedback on my armor. I was wanting to enlist into Legion and was wondering where or who do I send my submission to?<br> Thank you very much
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