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  1. Thank you for the tips! I'll look around for one in that size. Any recommendations on where the best place is to purchase one? So far, I've only managed to find some on Ebay. Thanks again.
  2. Hello everyone, Recently, I've been working on making an E11. However, I've been having a lot of trouble sourcing a wire that is both accurate, and is easily made into a spring. (Unless there is already a spring pre-made). I've tried coat-hanger wire, but I've had little success. Does anyone have any ideas where I could buy a budget-friendly wire? Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you for that, I must be blind! Didn't notice that on my first view. Grateful for the help, sorry I didn't notice it earlier.
  4. Thank you, that thread is plenty helpful! But I was mostly looking for the length of the Scope Rail, as well as where the bends are made. I couldn't find that info in the thread, unfortunately.
  5. Hello everyone. I'm currently working on my own build, and I had a quick question. How long is your scope rail? Unfortunately, I have to redo the main body, and so I need a measurement, so I can properly cut the holes, and cut the scope rail properly. I'd preferably like the dimensions from a doopy do's kit, but it shouldn't matter much. Any help is really appreciated. Thank you for the read!
  6. Thank you for the update. That's unfortunate.
  7. Good luck on this! It takes a lot of confidence to start. Feel free to ask around. for anything.
  8. Looking really awesome so far. Good luck! Can't wait to see it finished.
  9. Hello everyone. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I am looking for some 3D files of an R1TK. I saw a post earlier, but they seem to be deleted. Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Agreed, I was looking forward to this tutorial. Did anyone get a backup? That would help a ton.
  11. Don't say that mate... it takes a lot of patience, but it will be worth it in the end. It's pretty dang demotivating, but you just gotta keep pushing. Best of luck.
  12. That seems to be what would happen, they seem a bit too different to be considered to be the same CRL. Best of luck! I'd be glad to see that. I think I missed the pack link, could you point me to it? Thanks. (Nevermind, found it!) I hope I am allowed to post em. https://www.etsy.com/listing/628744129/replica-star-wars-battlefront-2?ref=shop_home_feat_1
  13. Sorry if I missed it, but what are those sanding pads you are using? Anywhere you could get them in those sizes? Thanks!
  14. The differences I have found between Rebels and Battlefront: The air hoses. In rebels, the hoses are connected to the jetpack. In Battlefront, they are connected to the chestbox, unique only to the battlefront trooper. The armor. The helmet in battlefront is from Return of the Jedi. The one from rebels is the animated one, BUT, it has a little greeble on the chin. The lens are also one piece. The frown appears to be much thinner, painted white. In rebels, there also appears to be "grunts" jump troopers without the orange shoulder armor. These are not in battlefront.
  15. I managed to scrape together a few images from the game files:
  16. I thought as much. Thanks for the reply! Hope we can see this someday.
  17. Any news on this? Recently saw it in-game, and quickly went over here.
  18. Yeah, that is what inspired me to ask. I was wondering how exactly he did that, and how I could do it myself. Thanks though!
  19. Hey, everyone. I have been doing some research here on the forums on helmet fans for quite a while, but I have a question. Is there a way to control the fan speed? I know that usually, this is not needed. But I just wanted to know if there is any solid way, such as a knob. Thanks.
  20. I see, thanks. I found this on the search as well: https://www.amazon.com/Forney-58603-Grinding-Shield-Replacement/dp/B003X3UAMY#customerReviews Would that do? Thanks for the reply.
  21. I was wondering where I could get the green lenses for an ANH Stunt. The reason being, my current ones are destroyed beyond repair. I know that it is basically a dark green sheet, but I'm not sure where to get it. If possible, I would like it to not be expensive, I'm a pretty tight budget. Thanks!
  22. This paint job (Before I started removing it) was pretty bad looking. It was bumpy, too thick, and looked awful. So, I decided to splash on some thinner, and work at it. After seeing that this had done nearly nothing, (The paint on the plastic was pretty old, around a month) I decided to sand it. And now we are here: I'm debating on how I should go on from here. Keep working on it, or just paint over it? Removing just this bit took a while. Hopefully know how to paint better, and fix this. Thanks! Side note: I haven't been on the forums for a long, long time. Been very busy for a while, and its great to be back. Thanks again for reading.
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