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  1. 32 minutes ago, Big Deal said:

    What all have you used on your blaster build so far? Where did you get the Airsoft from?

    Here is what I have so far:

    — Beta Project Airsoft from Evike. (I am not sure if that is the exact make but all the details look the same. )

    — Element M300A Flashlight

    — Visually accurate Piccadilly scope rail (for the flashlight)

    — DoopyDoos Scope

    — Field Marshall replica power cylinders. 

  2. Ok, I will admit it...I am more of a Star Wars prop guy than an armor builder. And I am very passionate about accuracy. In the quest for the perfect R1 E-11, I have sourced most of what I believe to be screen accurate — Airsoft Sterling, Flashlight, DoopyDoo's M38 Scope, Power Cylinders...all but two things the Hengstler counter and the t-tracks. I am up in the air on the counter (real or resin?) and most the t-track out there does not have the right profile or is made from rubber...but, I think I have stumbled upon a t-track option that is VERY close to screen accurate. A t-track that has the wide and tall center spine as seen on the R1 blaster. Now there is one issue. The supplier is in the UK and, though I am still waiting to hear back from them, it looks like they may not ship to the US. Would there be — A: Enough interest from you all to order a quantity of this. B: Someone in the UK willing to be the middle man...

    I 3D printed a sample based on the dimensions supplied by the manufacturer, mockup attached.



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  3. I am starting to research a R1 TK build and am looking for a super accurate undersuit. For the undershirt, I was thinking about going with a Sister Margaret's Gasket Emporium Tanktrooper shirt (not necessarily accurate but nicely made), but they will not make the pants, and I want the ribbing material to match. Maybe if enough of us ask about the pants they will start making them???


    I am assuming that the Stormtrooper is similar to the Shoretrooper below, only black with full legs???




    Any leads would be great. I am not quite ready to purchase, but I like to have everything planned out before I attack a project.




  4. I am offering my completed Shoretrooper helmet. This is a BSP Version 2 helmet, a few minor modifications were made to make it more accurate and it is painted in the correct Sahara Beige with a brown undercoat. Helmet comes with adjustable pads and correct chin strap, ready to wear.


    $275 + Shipping





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  5. This is so good. I thought I had myself talked out of building a full Shoretrooper....but then I look at these and I rethink everything. Also...I need to trade my BSP helmet in for an Anovos....its just so perfect. :/


    I was thinking of getting a BSP armor kit and converting the applicable pieces into a R1 TK...maybe they will give me a deal on two kits. 

  6. The snout looks to be a very dark grey, the brow  ( if you mean the rim of the forehead) is black. The undercoat will be dark brown.


    So when you repaint your Anovos helmet you will be going with a brown base rather than a black base? Just got my BSP helmet and am going to start the paint up soon...just curious what is believed to be the base color.

  7. Hi David. The closest I have found in relation to length, width, spacing between the guides and number of guides is the NGT 12' Floatmaster. The whipping on the line guides is the same as the Pecision X however I cannot find a rod that has the same distinctive metallic red flash in the whipping to match the screen used so this will have to be compromised. I think more important than the colour is to get the dimensions as close as possible to the original so the cable can be threaded correctly. Here is a link to the rod on Ebay. Let me know if it cannot be sourced in the U.S. Regards. Paul


    I looked into the NGT 12' Floatmaster as it was suggested in the thread earlier. Though it looks like an very good alternative to the screen used rod, unfortunately, I have yet to find a supplier willing to ship to the US. Hopefully some other US troopers can tell me if they found a source for the NGT 12' Floatmaster.


    The search continues...

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