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  1. I agree. I started another thread hereabout how I'm hoping to return to the 501st after my "deployment" back in 2006-2008. As soon as I started my thread I was absolutely swamped with helpful people, in fact a lot of them are here already supporting you as well. I can't believe after pretty close to a decade of absence from these guys I already noticed the atmosphere is still exactly the same and just as wonderful. From a second new guy to another, welcome and good luck.
  2. Hey guys, my GML got back to me and I'm going to post some questions to you vets with his updated information and guidance. Btw, can you give an attaboy anywhere in the 501st? Because the Tampa GML is a really helpful guy. He mentioned a few things, firstly the helmet for obvious reasons that we've discussed and speaking of I still have yet to track down a "dealer" for my new helmet, I'm just going to go into the armor resource thread, email all the contacts and see who sticks. Not only that went above and beyond by sending me pictures of his TK kit so I had 110% accurate images to compare and contrast with while I make my changes. After the helmet, he mentioned my thermal detonator, which also made me think about my belt again and how it isn't canvas. I had no freaking clue what the hell those clips were that people use to attach their detonators now, but now I understand from doing a search on these forums that they are some sort of money clip, that I may be able to pick up at Ace Hardware. Referencing this thread: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/21760-thermal-detonator-clips/ He says I need to change the coloring on my detonator from black to gray, which thankfully will be easy as that black color on my detonator is actually just black electrical tape (I actually knew about the need for gray back then, when I was accepted the first time my detonator was actually full on white). An easy removal of the tape and gray paint should do the trick. Next, is this etsy listing a known reputable person for the belt? https://www.etsy.com/listing/468478268/stormtrooper-white-canvas-belt-star-wars?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_d-clothing-unisex_adult_clothing-costumes&utm_custom1=bf1a099e-31bc-4e14-8093-21a1c427700a&gclid=CNOq4cS4_88CFUQGhgodikwPag I'm wondering since when I googled "canvas stormtrooper belt" this came up immediately, and even references the 501st in the title of the listing. If not, should I look elsewhere? Finally, he mentioned I need to trim the cod piece, and after looking at it with my aged and more experienced eyes I could see exactly what he meant up close. I simply did not trim off the excess plastic from my cod piece back in 2006... maybe the GML at the time was too embarrassed to mention my mistake. lol
  3. I've been thinking about the molded lip problem... I can't think of the name of them right now, but you know the rubber molding you can put on the edge of say exposed glass panes? Could get some of that, cut it down to the proper size and paint it all white. kind of like this: http://www.4wheelparts.com/Doors-Door-Accessories/Windshield-Glass-Rubber-Seal.aspx?t_c=87&t_s=503&t_pt=7881&t_pn=CROJ0978995&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping&emlprox=out&ppcfon=1&gp=1&gclid=CI3DoI2V988CFZI6gQodoyEGtg
  4. Okay, yeah it is pretty thin, I imagine exactos would work if I'm extra careful. In fact, I was thinking about before you replied that maybe I could use a heated exacto blade, my wood burning tool has an attachment for exactos. EDIT: Also I just noticed while looking at the piece, there's already that natural dip in the plastic, that should make following along with a blade nice and easy. Also, for all you guys that I'm assuming have your plates separated already, how do you connect them? What I was going to do is the same method I used on my thigh pieces, connect some snaps to a piece of plastic beneath the armor that is plastic welded to the connecting pieces while running black elastic straps between the snaps. Or is it more secure to secure straps directly to armor with glue?
  5. Understood, I will look around and try to find something, I'm thinking I may be able to find something similar at a hardware store. I have a lot of warhammer 40k paint sitting around so I'll start seeing if I have any grays and blues that match.
  6. It is one piece, I have seen a lot of armor with it separated and honestly if that is more of a convenience thing I want to separate it. Only thing is, it has been so long since I took tool to this armor I am sort of worried about trying to modify anything on my own. Any tips for making large cuts like that? Dremel tool, careful sawing?
  7. aw nuts, well, the fact that everything else but the helmet being in proper condition is encouraging. I'll start browsing around for an updated stunt helmet, try to piece through the armor vendor links again now that I know exactly what I need to look for.
  8. Thanks! It has been so long I'm eager to see if I'll notice any familiar faces from back then, to be honest, it has been so long that I don't remember many names, but I should be able to pick out a face or two.
  9. yeah I was in there searching for helmet manufacturers but got a little overwhelmed with all the info. I still need to replace the top button that I unfortunately killed with my chest armor, so I'll browse around some of those sites to see if I can find a replacement button or some guides for a homemade replacement. It would be a shame to buy an entire set of new buttons when I could just paint them like you said. and in regard to the type of armor I'm going to go with, honestly... I leave that up to the expertise of you guys. As is, what is the most accurate representation I could go for? Personally I would LIKE to keep and use my helmet, but if that helmet is so old it is simply not able to be approved any longer I will certainly go the extra mile and buy a new one. I'm going to go browse the thread about armor makers again but I'll keep this open in a second tab to keep up with the conversation.
  10. I wonder why my kit came with black buttons... I think I found a website a few days ago with replacement buttons, but do you have recommendations for helmet and buttons?
  11. I'm pretty sure it is ROTJ, I'm thinking because of the size of the bucket and the black venting ribs. Yeesh I could be wrong, though. As far as the maker, I'm looking through the booklet that came with my kit for any identifying names or insignia but I'm not having any luck. I'm assuming for copyright reasons it is being referred to as only "white body armor" throughout the instructions.
  12. Okay, I'll attach the ones I sent to the GML, I didn't know if this was the right thread for such a thing, but I'm definitely eager to get some folks with a more modern opinion to have a say on them. One thing I already know about is I'm missing the highest button on my stomach armor. That actually happened as I was taking the pictures... I was sitting down to put my boots on, and accidentally used my chest piece to pinch the button and it turned into a projectile. Thankfully there were no causalities besides breaking the button out of the plastic weld I had it in with. http://imgur.com/a/c5kXm
  13. Hi everyone, I first started trooping when I got my armor back in 2006, the same year I graduated high school. Thankfully at the time I was friends with another guy that was eagerly awaiting his armor arrival in the mail along side myself. I really don't know how he did it, but his arrived earlier than mine and he had the patience to wait for mine to finally get here so we could build our sets together. We persevered and finally got our stuff up to code and I was a member of the 501st the same year. I enjoyed the time I spent with the legion so much, partaking in many great events from toy releases at the Toys r Us at the Brandon Westfield mall, piling into my friends truck and driving all the way to Orlando just to have the opportunity to be in a fan made movie, and visiting children's hospitals to bring some joy to the kids that were there. Years later, something happened in the garrison that dropped some wind out of the sails as well as I needed to focus on some career things. As result, my TK ID went into "classified information" due to inactivity. So now we reach today, I'm at a point in my life where I have more time to do things I love, and I happened to pull my armor out of the old armory so I decided to contact my local GML. Being it has been 8 years since the last time I suited up, I noticed that over all that time the reqs for a TK have gone up quite a bit and I have some doubt about the quality of my armor in comparison. I'm currently waiting on a reply to what kind of state my armor is in from the GML and he recommended I come here if I have any more questions or need advice on how to get everything up to code for my armor! So here I am! I look forward to getting back into the bucket game after such a long time.
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