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  1. The selection of the motorcycle backpack took some considerations.


    1)Whether there is enough material to cut, roll and sew and to cover the drip pan.

    2)does it have enough quick release to use, for strap modding purposes?

    3)Does it have enough cushion effect, to prevent scratches and bring comfort?

    4)Are the straps curved inwards, otherwise affecting the wearing of the backpack?, to prevent visibility of straps being seen.

    5)Does it has a single quick release to hold the 2 straps in place? - for quick removal of the backpack from user.




    After spray painting the snaps and bolts to matt black.



  2. Motorcycle Backpack Configuration.

    **I do not have a sewing machine, hence everything is done by hand**


    I cut the backing off the backpack, leaving enough cloth material to use to strengthen the edges. I flip the edges into half and sew the whole length around the edges. After which i use the cabinet metal plates (flat plate with 4 holes) x 3, 2 in inner of the  drip pan and one at the outer, to secure the top part of the pack to the pan. (using bolt and nuts again).  I have also modify the straps to have quick release for easy mounting during trooping.


    To attach the rest of the pack to the pan, I use heavy duty snaps X 6, drill and rivet. so that I can easily remove the pack to gain access to the nuts securing the boxes. It also allows me some storage space in which can either put a Bluetooth speaker in there if needed or merchs to exchange, or even valuables during troop.
















  3. Preparation of the drip pan for installation of the boxes and accessories.


    this is where it gets interesting. Instead of just attaching nylon straps, which I consider maybe a problem with comfort and as well as unnecessary strain on the TK back armor plate, Not to mention also possible scratches, I use the back of a motorcycle helmet backpack as a backing/padding.


    2nd consideration is to make it easy to replace if broken, I intended to secure the boxes, tube and cup by using bolts and nuts only. So to access the bolts and nut, I have to cut open the drip pan for access.







  4. Drop Siphon Funnel.


    Had a random bottle cap from a milk carton, bolt and nut to secure with the Dia 9 cm disc.








    I have managed to find the right size bottle in the supermarket for the skirting. This is the replacement solution as before this I use the flexible cutting board but it cracked after a few days (maybe under tension) - my first error.  






    That is the maximum I can push the skirting up the cup and luckily, it is just enough.




    the distance from the skirting to the lip of the cup is about 4.5cm around. the whole skirting is about 16cm long.  Seems it fits the requirement by looks, I didn't go any further on this.






  5. Bottom Right Box.


    5(bottom right)


    Found: 20x12x7.6cm


    By estimation, I cut 17 x 10cm PVC sheet ( not 20 x 12 cm) and divide it equally to obtain the layout as per below. The cut sheet does not cover the whole box and leaves the screw holes visible - as per guide.




    After putting them together, it looks like the way below and it gave me more motivation to carry on.


    Antenna Tube.


    7( Antenna Tube)




    For the Right Antenna Tube,  I simply cut off 2 x end rings,  (2.5cm) from the 80cm tube ( what I need is only 60 cm -length). There is a gap while sliding the end rings onto the 60cm tube at each end, which I cut another 2.5cm ring, and fill the gaps. To use some filler putty to fill the gaps and paint.










  6. Top Right Vent Box.


    3(top right vent box)




    Note again: The dimensions are different from the guides as the box sizes are slightly different.


    For this, I merely cut a 15.8 x 9 cm plate to fit the top of the box and work from there.






    I cut thin strips and attached to the vents edges to make it looks like elevated





  7. Middle Tube.


    #2 Middle Tube - Clorox Disinfectant wipes. (258gms)


    Besides following the working guides mentioned earlier, I cut the strip 14 x 5 cm from PVC sheet, used heatgun and  bend the sheet to the shape of the tube. After which I used small bolts and nuts to secure it to the bottle. I didn't just wanted to use paint for that area as I thought having something protrude out from the surface of the bottle looks better. The position where to place the strip is just estimation.












  8. Top Left Button Box.


    1(top left button box)


    Found: 14x8.5x4cm


    Note: The dimensions are different from the guides as the box sizes are slightly different.


    Simply, I cut a 3.5 x 11 cm PVC sheet, divided the length of the PVC sheet by half and then work from there to get what I want for the dimensions.








    Initially I use any flat door cushion stopper for the buttons - however, I found it looks better with these.





  9. ***How I made the white plate with 7 bumps for the Antenna Tube***


    As I importing the shoulder straps to make the bumps is expensive considering the price and freight, it took me a while to figure out how to do this. 


    Materials, tools and consumables;

    1)wood plank as base x1

    2)Chinese wooden chopsticks(round)x 2 

    3)E6000 or any glue that does not give way to heat easily

    4)PVC sheets (1mm thickness), 8x11cm, make a few pieces and use the best formed. 




    a) saw the wooden rounded chopstick, 2.5cm x 7 pieces.

    b)glue to the wooden base with a slight gap in between each stick and let glue harden overnight.

    c) cut 8 x 11 cm of PVC sheets ( the large area for easier bending to form over tube later)

    d)place the PVC sheet over the dried mould and heat using heat gun.

    d)when PVC is soft enough, use another chop stick to mould the bumps by pressing hard in between the gaps mentioned earlier and allow to cool.

    e) once basic shape is formed, use heatergun slightly away and once the PVC is slightly soft, curled it over the pipe and cool.

    f) cut the cooled plate to fit. 





    You can build another set of the mould to compress against each other for easier forming. But I’m  just doing for me and a few pals  so I didn’t go into that.













  10. Thanks Joseph!you are very kind! I am actually the 2nd approved HWT in Singapore! cheers


    Legion access request sent separately.


    i am trying to figure out imgur and shall be uploading the build pics soon.(just recovered from a bad eye infection)


    Some pictures I post may not be in sequence but nonetheless, it shall show how I build the pack.;)

  11. Hi there,I’m TK40609 and greetings from Sunny Singapore to admin and all, 


    I am just a novice in building backpack and armor and most of the times, I reference to whitearmor posts ,  FISD, CRL for my armor and backpack build. (without you and your posts, I would not have known how to begin, so thank you!)


    This is the first time I am posting here as I think if I share, other builders may benefit with my limited skills and ideas.


    To begin, 


    My reference is to match closely to justjoseph63, Joseph's excellent NOTE ON HWT PACK SPECS post ( https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/40081-tip-note-on-hwt-pack-specs/)


    And referencing to ukswrath’s build thread (https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/30034-hwt-backpack-build-part-1/) which came to me with many ideas.


    My Goal;

    I want to make my own backpack and be qualified as a HWT.(I just got news this week that I am approved) 


    I’ll try to be as complete as possible. 


    To begin; Materials

    (Below currency in SGD and measurements in Metric System)


    Cost of HWT Backpack Build


    Wedco Oil Drain Pan - $73.75 ($23.67 + $50.08 shipping to Singapore)

    #7 & 8 Tube - 80cm $5.30

    White plate with 7 bumps for Antenna Tube - made by hand by myself with scraps.

    #1 Top Left Button Box - $3.30

    #1 Button Box Buttons -  9 x square rubber bumpers - $1.90

    #2 Middle Tube - Clorox Disinfectant wipes. (258gms)- $4.45

    #3 Top Right Vent Box - $13.00

    #4 Bottom Left Radio Box - $24.00

    #4 Box buttons x 2 - from milk carton- no cost

    #5 Bottom Right Box - $16.00

    #6 Drop Siphon Funnel - some random cup I found at home which meets the specific requirement and a plastic milk bottle which I use the material for the “skirting”

    #7 -optional- Radio Antenna -$16.00

    Backpack straps and back- $30(estimated)

    Needles and thread

    PVC sheets (1mm thickness) x  2 -from left over projects

    Bolts,nuts and rivets - x20 or more sets - from leftover projects

    Paint, Matt Black -$7 each x 2, Light Grey -$7 each x 1 -


    Estimated total cost: around S$200


    Required Tools;

    1)Heat gun and Dremel tool kits 

    2)garden snips

    3)standard metal ruler and marker

    4)E6000 or Pipe Glue

    5)metal files 

    6)Different grades of Sandpaper (leftovers from previous projects, grades doesn’t matter for this build)


    Dimensions (general specifications ref Justjoseph63’s post) 


    ( all the boxes I found are electrical junction boxes)



    Specs Given (Required)


    1(top left button box)


    Found: 14x8.5x4cm


    3(top right vent box)




    4(bottom left radio box)




    5(bottom right)


    Found: 20x12x7.6cm


    7( Antenna Tube)




    Pics to follow.mine’s too large to post, shall have to change format and repost.cheers


    **Edited for better reading for each part's build

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