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  1. On 3/17/2019 at 6:01 PM, Linz said:

    Button panels painted today, side poppers added, fashioning a slide catch to help keep it aligned. Elastics added to arm parts. Gloves ordered. Re measure of legs so hope to get them finished this week.

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    It's a floating TK torso!

  2. 13 minutes ago, Frank75139 said:

    I just wear mine all the time...

    Seriously mine fits but you can buy custom bags for them they run pricy but are awesome looking. For a while I had mine in a generic $20 motorcycle helmet bag and it fit fine. I only took it out cause I made room. Word to the wise though the interior was a fuzzy black and got fuzz all over the helmet which stuck with static. You could clean it off but it was getting in between the plastic and HOVI tips so it became hard to get out.

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    What brand helmet bag, if you remember?

  3. Not sure if this is the correct place, but couldn't find anywhere else for it.   


    I want to know how, or what is the best (and safest) method to transport your Helmet.   I know most people store it in the bins, if there is room, but for Troopers with smaller bins they can't fit the helmet.    What cases/bags do others use.  I was looking at a couple of Motorcycles helmet cases, but they seem too short (27cm to 30cm heigh).   Thanks.

  4. 5 hours ago, TheSwede said:

    You probably just haven´t read all there is to read, I also use 3 inch:)

    As of now the CRL dosent require internal strapping for any level - only how it looks as a whole from the outside, the strapping only comes upp in the application if said strapping affects the look of the armor.. The CRL is under discussion and some changes are likely to be made, internal strapping is not one of them at this point. So what type of thigh strapping one uses is personal preference, if you want screen accuracy than it´s 3" elastic, some use 2" and another might use 1" webbing etc.


    Personal preference - I like the hooks as it´s screen accurate, some like the velcro. 


    It´s beacause the armor broke and it´s "on-set repair". You can see the original holes in the return edge:salute:

    Thanks for the info, appreciate that.  Now I understand. 

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  5. My armor arrived rather quickly.    I ordered the screen accurate bracket system.   Just have few questions.    Been recently watching TrooperBay's TK build on YouTube.   He is the only one I have seen use 3in thigh elastics, yet this is also on the RS model in What We Know About Strapping Thread.   Why doesn't the Centurion level require this?  Next, is it better to go Newey Hook and elastic on the shins or velcro?   Lastly,  why does it appear on the RS TK, seen in the "What We Know About Strapping" section,  does it appear the strap brackets are bolted facing out and not on a return edge???

  6. On 12/30/2018 at 6:45 PM, civitanom said:

    Hello all,


    Current 501st member here. Bigger guy (fit but just muscular chest etc) so needing a bigger kit!


    Quick question, on the faceboom group "AM armors costuming group"  Victor Matts and a few others are running the page and seem to be the AM armor sellers/makers. Is this correct? Is he the true seller/maker for AM?


    Does AM have any quality issues etc currently?



    Victor is the guy running AM 2.0.  I got my armor from him.  Fast shipping.    Good for us larger guys and gals.   Just need time to build

  7. I am going the same route. Already got the boots.  One suggestion,  don't use acetone on leather..it will dry it out and cause cracks.  If you are buying leather boots there are several products made for changing the color with paint.  One is a specific leather recolor prep solution.    My boots are "Man Made Materials", which acetone should be okay with.  Good luck


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