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  1. I plan to build my armor with the help of other Garrison members of mine, who are extremely skilled and all have Centurian approved armor.
  2. Several of my Garrison members have it and love it.
  3. BTCost74

    Seems too good to be real!!

    Really bad recast
  4. BTCost74

    E-11 Lot

    That looks nice! FYI, you don't need a blaster to become approved and begin Trooping. Some Garrisons have a no weapons policy. So, you can finish your armor and get the approval, then later get an E-11 if you want one.
  5. I had no idea Intergalactic Supply was recasting. He has posted numerous videos and pics of his sculpt and build work before casting, on FB. Is this specifically TK/TD armor or is it other Star Wars armor? I know he offers TI, IG, IN, and Rebel helmets.
  6. BTCost74

    New recruit from New Jersey!

    I see you found the FISD. You will find a lot of helpful members here. Ask questions and do research before buying a TK kit.
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    Warning, evade this seller!

    I find it laughable that this seller states that his TK armor was used for Simon Cowell's dancing Stormtroopers. They looked awful!
  8. Need some advice from the pros here. I have both a Hasbro e11 blaster and a Disney Parks e11 blaster. I love the sound of the Disney Parks blaster and the selector switch for lethal and stun. I am still awaiting my Doopy Doos kit, and planned on modifying the Hasbro blaster but now I am not sure if I should mod the Disney Parks blaster instead???? I am standing here at a fork in the road...Hasbro or Disney? I had even thought of using the elecTrOnics from the Disney Parks blaster in the Hasbro blaster, but which is more screen accurate?
  9. BTCost74

    E 11 Blaster images

    I have been thinking of keeping everything ANH, mostly because it will help differentiate between Imperial Bridge Crew and Tie Reservist.
  10. Does any one have clear reference images of the different e11 blasters used in ANH, ESB, and ROTJ? Still waiting on my Doopy Doo Kit and have to decide which Film gun will be from, this will lead to my costume style. Can't troop with an ANH blaster and wear an ROTJ uniform.
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    Got this also, repainted black and silver.... shoots farther than my moDified Nerf.
  12. BTCost74

    1978 Kenner E-11

    Hasbro reused Kenner's mold when they bought the license, but failed to keep the stock. Back in 1978 this blaster was probably $9.99 or less.
  13. BTCost74

    Hasbro or Disney Parks e11 Mod?

    I was thinking of going the same route,just on the fence because the Disney model is closer to the Sterling.
  14. Greetings all, my name is Brian. I recently joined the Northeast Regiment Garrison of the 501st in New Jersey. I am in the process of building my costum and looking for some aid. The character that I am doing is an Imperial Navy Commando. So far I know only of one person that has done this and they are 501st approved, that person is Stevechewbacca. He is a member here and I would like to get in contact with him on where he got the pieces and what he used. Thanks for any info anyone can provide.
  15. BTCost74

    Com Pad

    If you still have the com pad and don't need it, I will be glad to buy it from you.
  16. While I am in the process of building my Imperial Navy Commando costume, I have taken the advice of Redforce and am working on an entry level costume. I am currently collecting parts for an Imperial Bridge crewmember. I just ordered a black jumpsuit from Wampa Wear. Need cap and belt, may have contact for boots and already have gloves.
  18. thank you for the info, will try and reach out to him.