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  1. Because that’s how it is in the films.
  2. I was literally coming to post this! Looked awesome.
  3. That actually doesn’t look like it will be all that hard to join, it already lines up pretty good. It may even be able to use some ABS paste and avoid painting.
  4. Another blog post today. TL;DR version - no more refunds moving forward. All sales are final.
  5. They told me they would offer both helmets but would not say anything when I pressed them about cods.
  6. Greetings troopers! Per new Legion merchandise rules, all ongoing merch runs must be closed or re-submitted by April 1st of each year. As such, we have chosen to let most of our existing runs expire to free up slots for new and exciting merchandise for the 2019/2020 term. This is your last chance to purchase the following items (you will need 501st or TK access to see these threads!): ... Some of these may return in the future (likely with updated/revised art), but for now this is it. Thanks!
  7. I don’t know, but the original files of the one I used were taken down.
  8. Same here - lots of clamps and magnets.
  9. If you decide to go FO that would be fantastic, there are a few of us here in Reno hoping to do the same (have been waiting several years for Anovos!).
  10. But if that is the only reference outside of the cartoon, then what? E.g. there wouldn’t be a screen accurate version.
  11. If they do indeed have a version of him at the parks I think that would be an acceptable basis for a CRL, IMO.
  12. None of them are an exact match. ATA is probably close enough, but it is whiter than Anovos, most noticeable in direct sunlight.
  13. TM and RS are close in color, slightly darker than Anovos but should match ‘good enough’.
  14. You can do ANH-S/Hero/ESB/HWT and share most of the parts really. Just need multiple belts/helmets/blasters and removable weathering for HWT Centurion.
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