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    ATA matches decently. I can snap a photo sometime this weekend.
  2. I started today off taking inventory of the Anovos-supplied strapping (instructions stink for this, BTW): I'm going with the Velcro for now for some of the connections, such as back/kidney/posterior. I'm going to use the industrial strength stuff (already have some on hand as you can see) - not the Anovos supplied as the glue just doesn't seem to stick to anything. I'll give it a few troops and if I'm not happy I can always remove it and go to snaps all the way. Cut down some split rivets to make snap rivets (my term) as I've seen others do: Then gave them a light scuffing and some paint (I've been using a Rustoleum enamel lacquer spray paint, seems pretty durable): Afterwards I marked out the holes for the ab/kidney where they're going to go, and then added some reinforcement shimming (assume this spot will get the most stress on it, and especially after cutting down my ab plate, better safe than sorry): (forgot to grab a picture of the kidney side, also shimmed, before it got dark) Then it was time to trim up the ab button plates: And finally, sizing/trimming of the forearms!: (Not quite done, but I'm tired and it's dark out) Hoping to wrap up the torso and forearms this weekend and then get started on the biceps/shoulders... then legs, strapping, and (hopefully) trooping!
  3. Just finished reading through your thread as I’m in the same boat (first time build and aiming for Centurion). Great work so far (especially the helmet!).
  4. Harbinger

    ANH E-11 Supply/Info List

    Might want to consider adding 'fully assembled' blasters like HFx as well as Hasbro/Disney Park conversion resources and make this the 'go-to' thread, which would be a great resource.
  5. Harbinger

    Reno NV First Order Build [Diversity Props]

    I bought an Anovos kit second-hand.
  6. Harbinger

    Reno NV First Order Build [Diversity Props]

    Chances don’t look good. You could always do what I am and build an OT TK while you wait. PS: I see you have good taste in board games.
  7. Not much time to work on armor today. Replacement mic tip mesh and belt rivet caps arrived yesterday. Also ordered some boots and Ty's garter system (this one) which will both hopefully be here before the 14th... still hoping to get this done (well, "done") for the Battlefront II release.
  8. Harbinger

    Uswrath's ANOVOS TK build (stunt)

    Tony, How tight should forearms (and I suppose biceps, shins etcetera) be? I assume some space between the armor and my skin is accurate and neccessary but how much is normal? One finger? Two? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Thermal detonator is finished: Cut down the screws so I can use it as storage (or whatever): Also cut down the ab plate a tad (I'm a little short for a stormtrooper):
  10. Harbinger

    Ideas for Temporary Horror Mods/Paint

    Red vinyl? Although I have heard of vinyl yellowing ABS so be careful.
  11. Yeah, I noticed that on other buckets. I might give it another round of clean-up when I redo the lenses, pretty much all the velcro in the helmet is falling off anyway. I'll probably use the ear screws as mounting points.
  12. Thermal detonator progress! First up, I had to cut a little over 1/4" off the supplied Anovos tube, as it made the assembled TD too long. Afterwards, I sanded/tapered one end of the tube so I can easily removed the end cap (for storage, electronics, etc... haven't really figured it out yet!): Then I measured and marked the placement for the control panel and masked off and sanded where it was going to go for better glue adhesion: Then I glued the control panel to the tube with E6000 and lots of magnets, clamps and rubber bands (pro tip, rubber bands from produce like broccoli are great for this): Meanwhile, I painted the stock ear screws that were removed (and replaced) from the helmet black for use on the TD: I also used some Apoxie sculpt to tighten up the holes in the clamps which were a tad too large: After waiting a couple hours for the Apoxie sculpt to harden I drilled out some holes and painted them silver to blend in if any of it shows from the screw heads: Tomorrow I'll drill the holes in the pipe and put the whole thing together.
  13. Got the rest of the 'core' pieces trimmed and did a test fit - not perfect since I just used tape to hold it all together... feedback on fitment would be appreciated: Also was able to finish up repairing the front of the belt - here it is after cleaning up the glue, a final round of sanding and polish, and punching new holes for the rivets: Much progress was made on the thermal detonator, as well (picture heavy, so will be separate post).
  14. Today's focus was on cleaning up/upgrading the helmet. First I cleaned up the corners of the teeth, removed the overspray and repainted them. Meanwhile, I spray-painted Joseph's replacement ear screws (with a rather expensive screw-mounting apparatus!), then installed them. I also removed some of the excessive return edge of the eyes and painted the rims of the mic tips white. I'll replace the mesh with the screen-accurate one once that arrives:
  15. Playing some catch up, worked on disassembling the Anovos belt a couple days back: First I put down some painter's tape to help keep the plastic from getting too messed up: Then off came the rivets: And finally I removed the rivet caps... sadly (and I was too busy bleeding to take pictures!) I destroyed two of the three covers during removal, as well as quite a bit of damage to the belt and my thumb. This is a photo after the first round of ABS paste was applied: Afterwards I made some reinforcement strips from a for sale sign and glued/clamped them: That's it for now. Still need to sand/polish the front side, punch holes in the TKittell belt and re-assemble (thankfully I was able to source some replacement rivet covers from ATA).
  16. Harbinger

    Fieldmarshall build

    Wow. Amazing work!
  17. Harbinger

    FN gaskets by IB

    Indeed, very sleek cloth gaskets. I would be in for a set once my FOTK kit arrives (up to Anovos).
  18. Harbinger

    BDWC's ANH stunt ANOVOS build WIP

    Well if it works out put me down for a set. Good luck!
  19. Harbinger

    BDWC's ANH stunt ANOVOS build WIP

    Is the "new" section polished? Hard to tell in those photos. Also possible you have 'old' ABS paste too (just saw a thread on this the other day). (PS: Nice build! Working on my Anovos kit right now and read your with great interest. Took my belt apart the other day, sadly 2 of my rivet covers were beyond saving.)
  20. Harbinger

    Insulin Pump

    Not sure about insulin pumps but a lot of people velcro stuff to the inside of the chest piece, plenty of room for most electronics.
  21. Harbinger

    Reno NV First Order Build [Diversity Props]

    Looks nicer than the original TK ones.
  22. Harbinger

    EI "March to 1000" Patch Design Contest!!

    Another one:
  23. Harbinger

    Forum username change request

    *facepalm* Good to know, thanks.
  24. Harbinger

    Forum username change request

    Going to piggy-back on this post instead of clogging up forums with extra threads, would like to change my username to "Harbinger" if available. Thanks!
  25. Harbinger

    EI "March to 1000" Patch Design Contest!!

    Would obviously need a simpler version (5 or 6 colors) for the patch, but here's my submission: