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  1. Got the shoulder cover straps installed. Knock on wood, but so far they seem to be doing the trick: Another question... did another test fit today, thighs seem to fit much better but they seem to be causing the posterior plate to ride up the kidney: What is the correct solution, cutting down the thighs in the back or cutting down the posterior? Or do I cut the bottom of the kidney? Film reference seems to show the bottom of the belt/kidney plate should be a lot closer, I have nearly 2" between the belt and kidney/posterior seam. (And if I trim the kidney, will lack of a return edge look bad? Not super confident in my return edge making skills.)
  2. In other news, I was also able to get my thighs re-trimmed (will do another test fit tomorrow) and fixed my forearm. Also noticed a little battle damage from the test run troop last night which I'll need to address (sand and polish). Joseph's replacement split rivets arrived today (again, measure twice cut once) so I was able to install my cod-to-posterior strap: (I realize it's upside down, now... will have to fix.) Since I was able to sort out the thigh ammo installation I also painted all the rivets that needed it (may need another coat):
  3. HOW TO: Install single cap (rapid) rivets (my version): Step 1: Build what I'll refer to as a 'thigh armor rivet installing sled'. It'll look something like this (I made mine out of scrap wood): The thigh piece slips over the sled, with the rivet located above the anvil (which I made a recessed area for to keep it from moving around). Set the sled legs on some pavers, cinderblocks or something else substantial to give enough clearance for your thigh ammo, and then install rivets: I probably over-thought this, but FYI if anyone else had a problem with these.
  4. There's two people in our Garrison that are 5'7" and 5'8" respectively, one has the Anovos kit and one has Jimmi's kit and both had no issues. I'd say Anovos but you're lucky if you'll have your kit by Episode IX, Jimmi's isn't as accurate but you'd have it much sooner (and you also have choice of TFA/TLJ versions).
  5. Looks like you used all-purpose glue, not E6000 by the yellow-ish color. If that's the case, sand and polish it out. If it is E6000, rubbing it off like the above post is the way to go. You'd be surprised how quickly you get your armor-building sea legs. I was very scared to cut things at first, now I'm moving at a pretty good speed... though I'd still recommend doing things gradually, I've been trimming my thighs down a quarter of an inch at a time because it's way harder to add than remove.
  6. Removed the remainder of the return edge on the eyes of the helmet: Arm strapping (and han hooks) completed: Did a test fit of all parts last night (ignore the inside-out holster and neck seal!): New (nicer) boots arrived five minutes after getting un-suited: Was able to do a test run in armor at the Battlefront II launch last night - will need to cut another 1/4" or so off the thighs and re-position the garter snaps, and trim down the left forearm 1/8" or so. Have not yet had time to resolve the shoulder strap issue or rivet the ammo pack on (white duct tape for now).
  7. Realized my straps were backwards when I went to glue them, that may be a factor as well! Learned a lot with this build as I seem to be moving at a pretty good clip now. The end is in sight!
  8. A thin flexible ruler (metal is best) and clamps will help immensely with scoring on more complex curves (like thighs etcetera).
  9. Looking good so far. Don't forget the extra 'teeth' on the ends, they're an unwritten requirement for Centurion.
  10. Finished glueing the shoulder bells: Finished glueing the thighs: Replaced the snaps on Pencap's garter system (no offense, I just had leftover Tandy snaps and wanted everything the same!): Hoping Tony or someone else can chime in... my shoulder strap covers don't seem to want to sit correctly in back when lined up with the chest. Any suggestions? Are the retainer elastic and weight of the armor supposed to fix this? Here's how they look right now (held on with tape):
  11. More updates! Belt re-assembled (except holster, you'll see why): Removed the upper mounting holes on the holster as well as in the process of stretching it out so my E-11 will fit: Hand guards glued to rubber gloves: Shoulder elastic glued: Chest-to-back and shoulder straps/snaps cut and sewn:
  12. Blaster and thigh garter arrived Thursday and Friday respectively: Biceps complete: Sniper knee plate installed (lots of clamps!!!): Thigh fronts glued (will do the backs tomorrow):
  13. They won't - yay ‘70’s - but you can trim them to line up. Check out Tony/ukswrath’s thread (the definitive guide for Anovos suits IMO). He mentions it and has tips on where/how to do so. Some people leave them as-is which is more screen accurate.
  14. It does, thanks. I noticed you used elastic for the shoulder bells on this build but used nylon in the TX, you have a preference/recommendation for trooping?
  15. Your kit looks to be in pretty good condition! I picked up a second-hand Anovos kit as well, been building with aim of Centurion (link in sig if you're interested!).
  16. Made up the last of the torso/chest/back strapping: (Started thinking I'd go with dual snaps and changed my mind, hence extra holes) Strapping (nearly) complete! (Still need to glue down the chest/back after some final fitment tweaks.) Got the front of the shin/calves glued up: Put some reinforcement on the back of the shoulder covers since I've seen quite a few in our garrison snap them in half: A question for those more experienced... should the posterior be this low? If not, do I need to cut it down? Hoping it's just that the cod/posterior strap hasn't been installed yet (waiting on a split rivet!).
  17. Ab buttons installed: PS: Forgot to post this, but here's some pictures of when I was installing the velcro - using the industrial strength variety:
  18. Now for some updates, lots of progress the past couple of days. I wasn't a fan of the bright white against the noticeably off-white Anovos plastic, so I used a tea bath to stain the belt - came out a bit darker than I'd hoped but still an improvement, I think(?): Painted up the ab buttons: Glued up the left forearm (need more clamps/magnets!): Made up snaps, snap plates, and nylon connectors for the ab/kidney. Snap plates were heated up and bent to match the contours of the armor for better adhesion: Installed the split-rivets-in-snaps - helpful hint, take the thickness of the plastic into account BEFORE cutting them down - thankfully I had enough to finish the ab/kidney (will need another for the cod), as well as the snap plates:
  19. I'll have to grab a photo. Good suggestion, unfortunately with lead times I won't have boots to troop in if I wait, so just going to have to cross my fingers that they're close enough.
  20. They have no transparency on anything - it seems to be company policy - as all I've ever gotten is "sign up for our newsletter for more information". Also keep in mind they don't offer replacement parts for any reason (which is a bit scary IMO). They make great stuff - accurate and fairly good quality for the price - but a slew of issues elsewhere. I think they were taken off the recommended vendor list recently for many of these reasons. That said, I'm not going to cancel my FOTK pre-order, but I will probably look elsewhere from here on out as well.
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