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  1. Vocoder looks very good to me. Paging @CableGuy as he is the tube stripe police, he’ll make sure you are on the right track.
  2. I bought a big bag of them from Home Depot. Here's what it looked like whilst clamped:
  3. Everything is shaping up nicely. Sniper knee plate looks harder than it is. Just do what Tony and I did and use a million clamps and you’ll be golden.
  4. They don’t actually do that (I think), but unless it recently changed they do charge quite a bit to ship things.
  5. Very cool, don't forget to request a status upgrade here, as it sounds like you are an approved Legion TK:
  6. 9 days left, you have time. Sadly I cannot extend this contest if we want patches in-hand in time for Celebration, but I do hope to see more entries.
  7. I've thought about doing that. KB would be my second choice. Problem is none of the existing kits are accurate to my liking.
  8. I used a small file and a dremel if you feel comfortable with those. Easy to ruin things though!
  9. They are a real PITA to get off but they will, eventually, come loose. You just need to drill out the 'blob' and then you can usually use a bit of force to snap them free and then the belt will come loose. Taking the rivet covers off is more difficult - at least for me it was. Go very, very slow... they used some kind of epoxy to glue them together which does not want to come off.
  10. TheSwede cut his forearms down, you could always reference his build thread if you wanted them less chunky.
  11. Looks like a SW fan film is having success with it making the rounds on tech blogs etc: https://www.theverge.com/2019/1/13/18180851/star-wars-short-fan-film-squad-leader-td-73028-soliloquy-shakespeare-maxime-claude-lecuyer Starring one of our own dirty TD brothers no less. Congrats!
  12. This is what I use. Working great so far (12 troops).
  13. Welcome John! Looking good, I hope you are aiming for Centurion from the looks of your build. Hope to see you as a full-fledged TK soon!
  14. I would measure to find out your foot width (C, D, E, etc.) - the boots are C width I believe, I am EE so I have to go up like two sizes for them to fit.
  15. Might as well, if you have a normal width foot you may not need to go as large... They run narrow more than they run small.
  16. Hello and welcome aboard Abraham!
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