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    Lorelei's 5'4" ATA ANH-S Centurion-Hopeful Build

    Very nicely done!
  2. Gaps don’t bother me as much as ears that are too thick. Plenty of film helmets with some ear gap.
  3. I think there is more to it than just upping base requirements, though. For one, getting people over to the detachment and getting them informed. I can only speak for myself and my Garrison mates, but when I first decided to build a TK, I was lucky enough to have found FISD and realized that if you're starting a BBB it's minimal effort over basic approval (and just a couple hundred dollars more in parts) to go for Centurion from the start. My friend who joined at the same time didn't join FISD, build to the base CRL, and later, when I became an attache I tried to get him to go EI. He didn't. Why? Because he ignored L2 and L3 when building (because he didn't care at the time) and now if he wants to get his EIB badge (we aren't even talking Centurion) he'd have to rebuy quite a bit of his kit. As for base requirements, maybe it is finally time to move many of the ANH/RoTJ split EI requirements (such as cover strips and rivets vs none) to base requirements?
  4. Harbinger

    Greetings from VanCity!!!

    Welcome, Matt!
  5. I think SWAT (and Lancer) have moved closer to prop replication than Centurion has. I don't think any of these programs should go to full prop forgery, but it does IMO show that Centurion could be made 'harder'.
  6. Vikings are Swedish now?
  7. We already have levels, though. EIB and Centurion are optional programs. Nobody here at FISD is knocking on basic Legion standards, and if people choose to stop there they are more than welcome to. Trooping is what really matters, after all. EI is meant as a upgrade over basic Legion approval, but still leaves a lot of leeway. Centurion was added later for those who wanted something closer to screen accurate and as such, I personally see no problem with added most of these suggestions.
  8. Harbinger

    New member from Sweden

    Welcome aboard! Leathercrafter, you say? You will find that to be a very valuable skill in the Legion.
  9. Almost all of these are already being asked of applicants so I don't see why we can't start adding them - officially - to the CRLs (for Centurion I assume?).
  10. I would just say L1: There should be a visible gap between the brow trim and eyes. L2: A gap of approximately 5mm must be present between the brow trim and eyes. No L3 needed as the requirements are cumulative.
  11. I agree with TheSwede, this should be for EI OR centurion and not effect basic clearance.
  12. Thank you for the heads up - MOT has been known to recast others and steal their work, on top of that the quality of his pulls and plastic are both quite bad. PSA folks, this is why you avoid eBay armor!
  13. Harbinger

    Etsy Build for First Order Suit?

    That wouldn’t meet 501st standards without a significant amount of work (helmet is wrong, armor looks to have incorrect/missing details etc.) - I would stick to vetted sellers, it is wise to avoid etsy/eBay as most of it is crap honestly.
  14. Harbinger

    Pretzel's Wedding Day 10-20-18

    Congrats again!
  15. Harbinger


    Hi Kevin, Please start a build thread here that way everything is in one place, easier for you and for us to help you too: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/80-anh-build-threads/
  16. Harbinger

    Starlight Express Room Christmas Party

    Great photos and report as always. Looking forward to our hospital troop next week.
  17. Harbinger

    TheSwede’s Replica build

    Nice find! Looking forward to this build.
  18. Harbinger

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    Yeah. I’m hoping we get an email update soon.
  19. This is amazing. Happy holidays fellow troopers!
  20. Harbinger

    Taller trooper armour set

    I believe Troopermaster has taller shins available if you wanted to go with him.
  21. Harbinger

    Hi from Switzerland

    Welcome David! Don’t forget to ask for TK status!
  22. Harbinger

    Flex seal as plastidip replacement

    I used Rustoleum Leak Seal for my helmet and it turned out great, and I believe they are very similar.
  23. Harbinger

    Paint Removal Method

    I would start with isopropyl alcohol, many paint thinners contain acetone which will dissolve ABS.
  24. Harbinger

    Signature pictures

    I have made a few for members on here, in my free time. Feel free to PM me.