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  1. If they were actually shipping and offered at the original Tier 1 price I'd consider buying a backup for spare parts etc. but not at $800+.
  2. Hello, always great to see more FO guys here on the detachment.
  3. How could we forget the “airline dinner tray TK” from Solo?
  4. If you are looking for an accurate pre-built Luke Hero suit Troopermaster is the only vendor I’d recommend. He knows his stuff.
  5. On here? Elections shouldn’t have an effect, I think, but it’s possible if the LWMs are doing the member sync.
  6. I soaked mine and stuffed a frozen water bottle in it, it did help some. I have a stiffer Anovos holster.
  7. We like to joke at troops about all the TKs held together with gaffers/duct tape, so that when something inevitably breaks whilst trooping taping it back together is ‘screen accurate’.
  8. I would go with what the LWM said: If you still have issues once voting starts see above post.
  9. Nobody is going to pull out a ruler and spot check your coverstrips, even if you apply for Centurion. As long as you are within a few millmeters you are probably fine. That said - I'd spend a couple dollars and invest in a better ruler, it will be your friend during your build. PS: Merged your threads, you probably posted a second one on accident.
  10. Maybe WTF, but the shades of white won’t match.
  11. Hey Mark, good work on your build. For EIB I can't see anything holding you up, you may want to edit your original post and add an image of your gloves. I can't tell if they are rubber (chemical) gloves, assuming so though it is hard to tell so DOs may ask for one. I'd adjust your strapping to get your shoulder/chest gap tighter, and bring up your forearms like, a cm at most to even the gaps out. If you plan on going for Centurion, which I hope you are, you will need to do a bit of work. A few things I spotted: - I can't tell if you have the correct helmet ear screws, all 3 per ear need to be the correct V-shaped slotted screws. - Your left drop box looks a tad off (should line up with end of belt), probably just a strapping issue. Some people add a dab of glue to keep them in place on the belt (see Tony's build thread). - You'll need to use some ABS paste on your kidney shims so that they are flush/seamless. - If you can adjust your strapping to tighten up the gaps in the back between your back/kidney/butt plates, it is highly suggested. - Your vocoder lines could use some cleaning up (see any other Anovos Centurion submission thread for reference, this is a common ask, because Anovos can't paint helmets properly). Good luck on your submission, the DO's will probably have a lot more to say on Centurion suggestions, until then just please be patient- with Elections etc. it is a busy time, I'm sure they will be with you soon.
  12. So everyone is aware, Jason's design needed a few tweaks to get it patch ready - legible fonts etc. This is the design that will be sent for approval/patches:
  13. If you ordered a TFA and a TLJ helmet I would assume they would send you both.
  14. Have you logged into the forums in the past year? If not that may be why. One of the requirements to retain detachment membership is to visit (log in) to the forums once a year.
  15. FYI, Anovos replied to my query regarding the TLJ helmet being shown in the latest email update and what it means for us:
  16. Congratulations to Jason / TK-16142 / “DeathTrap”, the winner of this contest! You had the command staff’s favorite design. In addition to mucho kudos, you will also be getting two free patches, a Kylo Ren bobblehead and a TLJ baseball cap. We’ll be reaching out for somewhere to ship these to. Thank you to everyone for entering and donating your time and talents! We hope to have this patch run for you soon.
  17. Maybe someone will offer rotocast TDs and one-piece yokes down the road. I’d gladly pay a premium if they existed.
  18. The black series helmet is based on a Rogue One TK so I believe you would need to modify it, even for basic approval, as the tube stripes/ears/etc. are ‘wrong’ for the old TK/TD helmets.
  19. This may be good reference for you, I did something similar but with my thighs (not ab/kidney), a companion piece would be a great addition to the tutorial section though:
  20. You will need to request TK status, here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/16-501st-trooper-status-requests-include-link-to-your-501st-profile-in-your-request/ ... then you will be able to create a thread here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/19-request-expert-infantryman-status/
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