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  1. Everything I've heard points to Disney getting priority over preorders for fulfillment. It's entirely possible Anovos has been sending all their inventory straight to the parks while we get to continue to wait.
  2. I think most people are in for well over $3k. More if you get a proper paint job (auto paint) which runs nearly a grand on its own.
  3. We have a list that will get you started:
  4. I wonder what a proper PU kit would cost... $5k?
  5. Why do you think that is? Too expensive to do it right?
  6. Didn’t know Ross was making pauldrons now. Now I’m curious, too.
  7. Looks good to me. I expect a full on prop-replication of a full ANH ensemble next, real M38 and all.
  8. We don’t know for sure yet. Might be more new troopers in TRoS and/or more changes than we think to the FOTKs. If, after the movie comes out, it’s deemed that they are the same or mostly the same then we’ll probably merge the forums.
  9. Short answer: No. Longer Answer: Don’t do it. For the amount of effort it would take to make it 501st approvable it’ll be easier to find an Anovos bucket, I see them go for $200 and under.
  10. You are correct, I edited my post, I meant both. You could get to L3 easy, not much extra work.
  11. You did a very good (and fast!) job on your kit, I hope you are working on a blaster and rubber gaskets so we will see you at EIB and beyond.
  12. Yes, I’ll ping someone with admin powers.
  13. Good idea for a 1-piece scope.
  14. You already have active TK status and your email matches what I see for your account. I’m not sure what you are asking?
  15. No knees. That’ll take getting used to.
  16. For my money I’d just get R2Dan’s metal one. Quality is second to none.
  17. Amazing what you can do FX-wise on a 'fan' film these days.
  18. Troopermaster, Walt’s Trooper Factory, AM (I believe?) all sell lens kits separately but I would double-check with them, or you can source dark green acrylic and cut it yourself.
  19. Additional EIBs. So if you get a 2nd costume EI approved, +1 star, third costume is two stars and so forth. There’s a full rundown here:
  20. From the CRL: ”Lenses are flat material, green in color, sufficiently dark enough to obscure the costumer's eyes.” So, they will need to be green for ANH.
  21. GGG invites us to a lot of their events (and vice-versa), but you can always reach out to them directly and let them know you want to troop with them and they can help you out.
  22. I certainly hope it is approvable as it looks so cool.
  23. According to StarWars.com they're going to have Sith Trooper suits. They look... great.
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