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  1. Coming along! Although I’m really nervous about starting all of the “two-parter” pieces. I have no idea where to start with biceps, gauntlets, thighs, shins, and cover strips. Are there some good comprehensive guides to getting those done?
  2. SO. I worked some more on the bucket, installed the lenses, messed with the ears a little (Although I think I’m through trying to get them perfect at this point) fixed the aerator screens, made the eyes sharper, and cut a bit more out of a few teeth. Then I trimmed the chest some more, the ab plate, butt plate, and kidney plate and did a (very) sloppy test fit. I’m very happy to report I very likely won’t need shims thanks to quarantine weight loss and with a test fit of one of the thighs I likely won’t need them there either! Very happy. (
  3. I’m ultimately extremely indecisive, so what I think I’m gonna do for now is finish out this build as a TK, and then convert to a TD down the road when my kit has some miles on it. Far easier to convert from TK to TD rather than back the other way! So I think I’ll continue this build here. Of course by tomorrow I’ll change my mind again.
  4. After redoing some old research on Sandies and looking into part costs, I think I might be leaving the shiny behind and dirtying things up. Should I move this thread over to the MEPD or continue here?
  5. Thanks for the input! I’ll definitely work on what was suggested. I’m actually having a difficult time deciding whether or not to keep it clean or go ahead and make this a TD build. Would save me time on the belt dropboxes and the thermal detonator and I absolutely love weathering. As far as I’m aware, the main differences between the two (Build wise) are: TD has no detonator, holster, belt dropboxes, or painted ab buttons. TD has white canvas shoulder straps. TD has pauldron and ammo pouches. TD has the hexagonal sniper knee plate. TD has additional rivets in
  6. Couldn’t wait. Pajama Trooper reporting for duty. Also trying to decide how much of a return edge I want on the chest plate. I trimmed to the mold line and left a thick edge, thinking I might trim it down significantly.
  7. My camera lens is kinda screwing with the perspective/proportions, but my bucket is assembled even after what I thought might be a couple of fatal errors! Turned out far better than last time, even if it’s far from perfect. Just aiming for basic approval, though. I’d rather build my TIE chest box over again 10 times before shaping another ear. As I wait for my new canisters of paint and some accessories to arrive, I’ll get started on the chest and back!
  8. Thanks all! My kit just showed up today, actually! I figured I would start at the top and work my way down, so after I’m done with the bucket I’ll get started on chest, back, and shoulders. Has anyone compiled measurements for what the return edges should be on every part? Would help me a lot when trimming.
  9. Bucket has been trimmed! Now for the ears. Oh god. Anyway, does this look good to y’all? Yes? No? Maybe so?
  10. Hey all! So, I finally got my ATA kit ordered, and he was kind enough to send the bucket out before the rest of the kit so I could get started on that. Not my first TK bucket build, but after my last one ended up as more of a display piece than anything approvable, I’m taking this one a tad slower.
  11. Hey all! So, since this is an ANH Stunt helmet, I'm posting this here because I can't post images on the MEPD forum for some reason. I wanted to do a Sandtrooper next year, as I finally finished my TIE and got approved a couple months ago. I have this ATA Stunt bucket that I assembled and weathered awhile back, but the right-hand ear worries me. Is it too wonky for basic approval or is it fine?
  12. Unfortunately I followed the hole markings on the molds for the ears, so I didn’t realize it was a little high until I installed them. I don’t think I can trim any more than I already have without having to pick up an extra left ear from ATA and cutting my spare for the right. Are thicker ears acceptable or are they just generally frowned upon?
  13. Well it’s...Something. I aligned the left ear closer to what it should be and installed the right. Due to fatal errors I made when trimming the cap and face, this is the only way the right ear can sit without showing the gap between the cap and face. So...Is it even acceptable at this point or is it gonna be a display piece? I’ll have everything I learned from this build and more as well as learning from the beyond stupid mistakes I made filed away for when I do my actual build. Thankfully, if this one isn’t acceptable, I didn’t pay full price for the kit. My nerves are shot from t
  14. That’s one ear! I’m not suuuuper happy with how it sits but the ears have been an absolute nightmare with this bucket.
  15. So I was worried about the alignment of the forehead trap over the eye, thought I might need to pop a rivet and move a couple things, but according to a few of my screen references it seems to be accurate. Gonna continue with this alignment.
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