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  1. That sounds cool and great to hear! Thanks for the welcome brothers. And after fiddling and freezing, the superglue finally came off. Time to reassemble...again.
  2. Pretty much that's what's happening to my shins. Adds slight insult to injury since I have tanker knees jumping off M1A1 tanks for 3 years. Oh, were these changes due to the Anovos build? For references I had been using the 501st CRL as well as their level 3 requirements for most fo it, but since I lack a sidearm or primary atm, I'm pretty much rank 1 scrub at this point in time.
  3. I can't agree more, especially with hindsight. I think I screwed up my shins, but I must have used God's personal zap-a-gap because this ain't coming off, and last thing I want to do is tear plastic trying to rip it apart.
  4. Lol, I'm probably the trooper in the back but i can adjust it to the trooper on the far right if I keep fidgeting with it. I'll see about taking some picture today to see. I actually followed your anovos build thread mostly, great reference thread! But I think I outpaced you a bit and now probably suffering for it, since I think you're right about the shins being mis-labeled. At least on mine they are. D:
  5. Thanks ukswrath! I actually got a whole bunch of build ideas by seeing some of your threads! I have shaved the thighs a bit to accommodate, but haven't shaved the shins as much yet. BTW, just to ask... is there actual regulation on how much gap between the thigh and upper body piece there's supposed to be? Some pictures have them practically touching the codpiece and others have a sizable gap both in front and on the trooper's rear-end. Also, watching star wars rebels (which is in no way good for costume reference, but I use it more for armor placement reference since they're 3D models, I saw they have sizable gaps.
  6. Like so many other legionnaires before me, I too went Anovos and got that sweet $300 deal for a giant plastic soldier costume. Best deal ever. And since I only know of the fabled 501st legion but haven't really met anyone yet, I'd love to get plugged in. The build on mine is actually pretty much finished. Just gotta find a better way to put on this knee guard without it catching on the thighs. A lot of trials and tribulations during the build, and I know I botched the job on resizing it in some places. I'm 5'9 (insert short stormtrooper quips here) so my arms and legs just aren't long enough for the std armor, lol. Pretty honored to be part of this awesome fandom and hope to meet other troops!
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