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  1. TK12406 approves this pauldrons for Jimmi Kits ------------
  2. Seems like it could be done with a "simple" faceplate replacement, no? Not much else seems to have changed. Personally, i like it.
  3. So, some time has passed and now that i have my officer pauldron i am still looking for an option for these. Looked up on trooperbay and the sandtrooper pouch might just do it for me, even if they are a bit different. I just like the combined look of pauldron and pouches.
  4. Yep, let us discuss this again. It was so much fun the first time round.
  5. TK 12406 requesting detachment access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=20885&costumeID=326
  6. Give it the full 30 days to arrive. You will not be disappointed
  7. Just confirming here, that the RAL 9016 is a perfect 100% match for the Anovos Standard bucket
  8. You mean the chipped part? Well, fix it with some filler! Or, if you are impatient, use super glue and baking soda to roughly fill it up and then sand it down.
  9. Apparently the mouth plate is meant to be taken off for repairs and maintenance (thats what they said in the archeology panel). Would love to see how it looks without it.
  10. Ja, weiss glänzend! Bin leider auch kein Farbexperte - deswegen lass ich es mir auch machen Habe die Belton 9016 probiert, und der matcht ganz gut mit dem Anovos. Leider ist die Farbe nicht elastisch, deswegen bricht sie auf, wenn man das Teil biegt. Grundierung ist genauso wichtig wie alle anderen Schichten. Bricht die Grundierung, bricht auch die Farbe, egal wie elastisch die ist. Es gibt natürlich super Grundierungen von Tamya, die du im Modellbauladen bekommst, die elastisch sind, aber leider auch teuer. Für die ganze Rüstung musst du dann schon mit einigen Kosten rechnen. Wie gesagt, probier es mal mit einem kleinen biegsamen Teil aus, zb. der Knieplatte, die du dann auch wieder leicht abschleifen kannst.
  11. You could use decals from trooperbay for the small black parts https://trooperbay.com/decals/prop-replica-decals/star-wars-props/troopers-tk/tfa-first-order-stormtrooper-armor-decal-set This is for Jimmiroquais Kit though
  12. Wenn du einen Anovos Standard Helm hast, kannst du einen RAL 9016 nehmen, wenn du den Helm nicht lackieren willst. Das sollte ganz gut matchen. Wenn du Helm und Rüstung lackieren willst, kannst du RAL 9010 nehmen - das kommt eher an den Film ran, da dies einen gelblichen Stich hat (9016 eher leicht blau). Zb. bietet Belton hier in mehreren Varianten die Farbtöne an. Allerdings sind diese wenig elastisch und könnten daher reissen. Am besten ist, du kaufst dir mal eine Dose 9010 oder 9016 (oder beides) und probierst mal. Wichtig ist, dass die Grundierung ebenfalls elastisch ist. Ich habe das Jimmiroquai Kit und werde alles professionell in von einem Auto Lackierer machen lassen - nicht günstig, aber dafür sollte es elastisch sein.
  13. Dunno about Germany, but his fotk kits arrived to Austria in no more then 7 business days with express shipping. It is a bit pricier though
  14. I dont think 9010 is right. But didnt we have the very same discussion before? Used search but didnt find anything so here goes what i can remember:<br><br><br> 9010: yellowish tint, closer match to on screen armor, will not match the standard helmet (so will need repainting of helmet) <br><br> 9016: blueish tint, matches the anovos abs helmet but less accurate<br><br><br> So please tell me that this is correct as my armor is currently at the paint shop, going full 9016
  15. I suggest moving this to the new R1 subforum
  16. Everything RAL 9016 and you are good to go. It matches pretty nicely.
  17. That "used look" on both, Death and Shore Trooper ... i love it.
  18. Thanks for your work, it has shed some needed light on this issue. I wasn't aware of it, but Jim has pointed out that a image they use on the fnarmor website is of his v2 armor.
  19. WOW! I love them new armors! The new TK bucket is awesome!
  20. You are correct, i shouldn't have posted that. I apologize.
  21. It just doesnt seem honest when people raise their hand and say "yes i can do the requested comparison" when they really can't and the motivation seems to mainly be to get a free suit (For the record, i think the suit is in the right hands with Q). Nothing to do with the detachment.
  22. I agree with Lichtbringer. No one asked for "evaluation" or "review" of those kits.
  23. Glad you are getting to build another one, Evin. However i think the armor should have been sent to someone who can compare it to different kits, which was the original purpose of those freebie armors.
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