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  1. I just bought the DeWalt case as well off Amazon. I'm going to pad the inside and paint the outside.
  2. Outstanding videos thank you so much for sharing!!
  3. Progress update...<br><br> Armor-I bought a well trooped in AM armor kit from a friend and 501st trooper, but needs a few modifications as I'm much taller, lucky they bought spare pieces. So I need to assemble the new thighs and chest pieces. <br> Helmet - New AP ordered.<br> Belt - TKettle Belt Ordered.<br> Boots - TK boots received.<br> Neck Seal - Darman seal Ordered. <br> Blaster - Ordered.<br> Holster - Bought and received.<br> Fan - Echo fan order request sent awaiting reply. <br> Communication - Icomm, 1506 voice booster and wireless headset ordered.<br> Gloves - Nomex ordered.<br> Case - Dewalt 63 gallon tool chest ordered. <br><br> So basically I ordered everything this week and should have all of it by the end of January. Ideally by March it will be all ready to go and then I can take my pics to submit entry into the 501st.
  4. What do you recommend to be packed into a tool/repair kit to travel with you while out trooping?
  5. I played paintball for years and everyone's lenses fogged up but my friend and I. Get a small pump spray bottle like a 3 or 5 Oz. Mix of water and dish soap. I squirt on each lense and wipe away. No more fog.
  6. Well that all happened fast, AP helmet ordered and a blaster too! <br><br> Once it all comes in just need to add a mic and fan in the helmet. And distress the blaster. <br><br> Hope to be trooping ready by spring.
  7. Well I just ordered a belt, neck seal and gloves...only a blaster to buy next. Where do you recommend I go for that, I've searched the forums but haven't found much. I've seen a few rubber cast ones that look great and are trooping friendly from people hitting it. Eventually I'll get "hero" quality blaster for photo ops but a durable good looking one should do for now... I'm considering replacing my helmet too, its okay but a bit rough, poorly painted and the lenses were hot glued in. (it was a eBay find about 4 years ago before I knew about this place, buyer beware indeed)
  8. Is there a link to order these or order from your next batch?
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new here and in the process of building my Armour, aiming to be able to troop come this summer. I'm almost there I purchased a TK suit from a member here and have started adding the missing pieces, left to get are: neck seal, belt, blaster, gloves, voice changer and then some paint touch ups to do on my helmet. I'm in Burlington, Ontario. Christina
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