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  1. Got my neck seal today from Veedox and it fits perfectly! Great quality and feel! That takes care of all the soft bits so far. Now we wait for the hard bits and construction. All-together pictures gloves/undersuit/neckseal/balaclava. The compression bra worked perfectly too under it all so any fears of having an non-uniformed chest in armor have been put to rest. Only concern I have now is my glasses fitting under my helmet. Might need to get some tiny specs or day use contacts for trooping
  2. Happy Birthday to me indeed! Just found out my kit is shipping very soon! In other news, helmet padding came and looks very sturdy
  3. Thanks Just got my undersuit today! Pictures to come... I been having too much fun with this iComm on skype though!
  4. About a week ago... it will probably still be a bit. For now this thread will be more about me detailing weapons/gathering the supplies (and probably not all that active) until the AP kit makes it
  5. It does! I'll grab some more snaps in advance Just got my first box of construction bits from Amazon! Never played with a Butane lighter before, but it's pretty cool... now to get over to fear the damn thing is gonna pop in my hand like a gun casing.
  6. Thanks guys Can't wait for Brown Box Day
  7. Just did a bit of weathering today on the SE-14r. Not sure if I'll do much more before giving it the gloss/clear matte coats, I kind of like the semi-pristine look of the black coat.
  8. Hey All, Still a bit of time on my AP armor, but I figure I'd start up a thread as my stuff comes in. I'm a total noob at this stuff, and not particularly handy with tools, so this will all be a huge learning experience for me. I'm going to post as much of the process as I can so maybe others can learn from my inevitable mistakes and get some info along the way ----- Now that my build is mostly done, I've decided to try and detail everything here in the OP for quick navigation, as well as provide links for purchase to things that helped me a lot. Trooper Information: Height - 5' 8" Weight - 125lb Build - Thin as a rail Feet - Huge Here's a rough list of what I purchased for this project... Armor Components: AP Armor Kit (Trimmed) + Prebuilt Helmet Rubber Gloves (Centurion) from Mark Holster from Mark Canvas Belt from Mark TD Clips from Mark Rubber Hand Guards from Mark Nomex Gloves for Trooping Silk Glove Liners for Rubber Gloves Neckseal from Veedox Boots from Imperial Boots Undersuit White Pauldron from Trooperbay Electronics: Throat Mic iComm and Amp Helmet Fans by ukswrath Weapons: SE-14r Pistol from Shawn Morgan E-11 from QuestDesignCanada DLT-19 from Hyperfirm Supplies: E6000 - About 75% of a bigger tube. 1" width Black Elastic - This is for all the strapping. You'll need a lot of it. 2" wide White Elastic - for shoulder connections. You'll need maybe two feet of it at most... I bought a lot so let me know if you need some 1" Nylon - For garter belt making. White Velcro - back of shins. Boots. Black Velcro - Various uses Tandy's Line 24 Snaps (about a billion of them) Split Eye Rivets from Joseph Plasti-Dip Spray (optional) Fine mesh from Home Depot (optional) Tools: Husky Razor + Replacement Blades Needlenose Pliers Snap Setter + Anvil - Useful if you're good with a hammer, can make a racket, and have patience. Didn't work well for me. Snap Setting Pliers - These were very helpful and cheap, but I had to fiddle with cutting the female post. They don't work very great so you gotta hammer the studs down after... Gold Star Snap Press - Wish I bought this to begin with. Sets them perfectly, no fussing around, no loud noise, and works great on the ab snaps for belt/etc. You want the Die Set for Ring Snaps (double cap) 24 Ligne/15m set. Tin snippers Hammer - setting split rivets. Power drill Soldering Iron - Used for searing holes in nylon, elastic, etc. Might want to get a plug-in one next time around. Careful they get very hot. Storage: Storage Bin from Target. ~50gal and it has wheels :3 The story thus far: Test fitting Thermal Detonator Chest/Back snap plates and arm construction. Forearm part 1 Forearm part 2 Completed arms + back/kidney/butt strapping. Test fitting #2 Shin construction + shoulder coverstraps Helmet improvements part 1 Helmet improvements part 2 Drop box construction Shins test fitting with boots Thighs construction and ammo belt attachment Butt snaps and rod rivet Left side rivet installation (w/ details) Helmet S-Trim installation (centurion requirement) Rubber gloves and rubber guard installation (centurion requirement) Fitting the kidneys and the butt plate to my tiny frame Overlap stopper Completion and first full wear 501st Membership Submission Submission Review Thighs refitting Reshaping the butt plate Shoulder and Bicep adjustments Belt Assembly Part 1: Belt Face & Holster Belt Assembly Part 2: Attaching the Belt Belt Assembly Part 3: Drop Boxes
  9. This thread has been a huge help for getting a list of everything. Huge thanks!
  10. That weathering is beautiful! Great job!
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