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  1. Which kit do you have? These were made for the alpha kits. If you can trace what you need, I can custom fit, no problem. I can also send you a template for sizing.

    I have KB props kit so it seems the neck is a little more open, so having the rear arm reach my armor it bends out a bit.. not a big deal I was just wanting to see if my placement was correctbfec6dfeb096d0a4320815b978b8ca7d.jpg
  2. On 3/4/2017 at 9:54 AM, TK4205 said:

    Update 3/3/17


    Final product. About as screen accurate as you can get, without knowing what was actually used. satisfaction guaranteed.


    Built in magets hold it in place. Durable but easy on your painted armor. Email ImperialGaskets@gmail.com to get on the list.


    $125 + shipping


    Where do you have the rear arm that wraps around the back of your neck stick to? Mine is think is to far back and makes the pauldron sit farther back

  3. I had jims kit and sold it for KB props kit. The fiberglass kit is an easier build but it weighs a ton and the flexibility is nice sometimes but it's hard to find paint that won't crack. I had to repaint my kit after 2 months. So far in my KB props build its a lot more trimming and gluing which is a pain but with the abs it's still flexible but weighs hardly anything.

  4. We looked in to having ours made in a factory, but we would have had to start with 1,000 sets. Most US shops will charge upwards of 200, so if this FN guy is getting $100 for his, we can't match that. I wondered why a lot of our customers were jumping ship after ordering from us. This would explain that.

    Well I'm still on your wife's list but still have a bit of a wait so I wanted to get something to get me through for now and have a set for when we do my wife's phasma
  5. I would definitely go cloth


    I was able to squat down fairly low and walk at a brisk pace and had full mobility to remove my helmet and simply move in any way..


    Cloths the way to go imo..if you can get the look down


    See below for my gaskets that I made.

    Cloth and 4 way stretch

    Are you doing runs on your gaskets yet?! They are beautiful
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