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  1. Now that I'm logged in. Here's a pic of the model in blender (which a smoother modifier added to smooth those nasty faces) with those weird lines visible


    Might try to contact the seller see if he as a model without them. Because looking at the possibility of 3d printing this as one piece looks like a challenge when you look at the mesh.



    stormtrooper front.JPG

  2. That picture looks horrible if you ask me. The nose bridge has usually a more consistent spacing. The picture really shows too much too much narrowing black space in my opinion... I hope and it might just be a picture issue.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk





  3. False. They have ANH in the archives too (we have photos of the suits in the gallery - http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/album/16-lucas-film-archives-joer/).I was at the DICE studio while Battlefront was in alpha version invited by them to review their stormtroopers. But LFL wanted them to scan the ROTJ suit as that is "the ideal stormtrooper" in how they want them to look, so that's what they did. It was the same for previous video games too.

    Heard about that, playing the game, I can see they really wanted to make it look similar to an ANH armor in certain maps, but they can only do so little when they have a model that looks nothing alike... Although, the sand trooper helmet model they did looks gorgeous. I really prefer the ANH armor though. It looks wrong to have rotj armor placed in maps based off other movies >.< Imagine putting a snowtrooper on Tatooine.

  4. Why is everyone hating on episode VII? I love it... I was expecting an Apple to resemble an Apple made 39 years ago. I wasn't expecting anything new, and the majority of fans were OT fans, so they've proclaimed many times before the screening, "It was a movie for the fans" So I don't get why people were expecting something new... I mean, Star wars is Star Wars.<br><br>

    I came in the cinema expecting a reincarnation of an OT movie to give me back my hapiness, it was blown away. It was an apple made to resemble the apple you tried 39 years ago... (Although I wasn't born anywhere near there)<br><br>

    In Rogue One, I was expecting so,ething mew, but still contain the star wars feel... I was sorta dissapointed, but I liked it.<br><br>

    I mean, did anyone seriously want something new for Ep VII? You were pretty much warned. I don't think you go into a restaurant and asked for the customers choice, an Apple Pie, and Expect the dish to have Raspberry filling instead >.<

  5. Yep. That was pretty awesome.

    I got to admit, that was just amazing, although a little too shiny for my taste, maybe a flatter colour would've been better, but I'm just nitpicky... I just loved hearing tarkin, but for some reason he sounded like Admiral Thrawn from Star Wars rebels.... Which is even more menacing, the way he threatens Krennic

  6. Pretty much underwhelmed for most of the movie, from the opening some of the changes, music, font, scroll, just didn't seem like a Star Wars movie, only the last 10 minutes saved it for me.As for the deaths it was always going to happen, most would have to go, no appearances in ANH.Glad I never looked into a Death Trooper build, can't understand a word they say LOL.How about scenes not seen in the movie which had been in the trailers, hate it when they do that.Did anyone spot a certain ship or hear some names over the speakers ;).

    Can't say I heard the ghost crew...


    The death teoopers sound like droids when their commlink activates (Or when they die) But sound human after... huh... weird


    I don't think you understand what I meant about the deaths, we predicted they were never gonna happen because of the marketing uproar of figures... But now.. lol


    I would've prferred to see them get killed by vader in a fight or something, but that little fight at the end, that was okayish, but not vader like... He was clearly toying with them though...

  7. I did...<br><br>

    Had missed out the first 5 minutes, because 3D wasn't -laying right... ermm.. went up managers, offered refund while we got to watch it in a different cinema for free...The screen was bigger, much better IMO... it was like IMAX, but it was called regular? wtf...<br><br>

    Now the story... I was extremely dissapointed... Now this is just my opinion, It was a good film... but it just didn't have that star wars flavour... to me it was just another sci-fi for some reason... I loved the end, a good nod indeed... But the film itself? Just seemed like a story you'd see on some japenese cartoons/animes... <br><br><br>


    We're clear... So, the deaths... Umm... I didn't feel any sad about any of the characters that died... Usually I would in a star wars film, like Ep 4-7 but this? The character development just felt off... Anyone with me? The thing at the end with scarif and all... Just what? Comeon, play some sad music, and make it more painful to watch...<br><br>

    I was really hoping for the dark lord of the sith to be more brutal and act more naturally like the original body actor... The pun he made wasn't funny nor menacing... Seemed to force on the whole, Hey, I'm a dark lord! Scary scary!<br><br>

    Hmmmpphh... As much as I wanted to love it, the trailers 1 & 2 summarized it for me. It just spoiled the experience. <br><br>

    Good movie in some areas, others it was so force to make it feel like star wars, it was no longer star wars...<br><br><br>

    Yes, it was fresh and new, but was the chnage of tone justified? I wanted the charcters to have a better ending... (If you know what I mean...:CutsInHalf:)<br><br>

    Now the death star... No... just No... If it took alderaan about 2 seconds to be blown up, how come it took scarif bloody minutes? Felt like an hour.

  8. Lol, seems good... Sadly I had my midnight release ruined... The 3D didn't work, so you got a double-visioned screen... They said it had to do with the movie they were given not performing for their players...<br><br><br>

    But I got a full refund, and got to see it on a even bigger screen (Not as big as imax i believe) still lost the 5 minutes of the start walking up with the group to the manager...

  9. Yesterday I saw it in the Mall... At First pass I thought it's cool but not yet... At Second pass it's great I need it... At third I thought this helmet is the last one... And the last think I remember is, how I put the bucket on my head at home

    Didn't like the look at first, the more i looked at it from a far view (3 meters) the more accurate It looks until my eyes finally recognized it as being accurate (to a point).


    My cap keeps popping off though, I need to glue it closed...

    'I just have to buh another one (I'm a inbox collector, so it bugs me not to have inbox spares)

  10. They're not going to do it. Their reputation will drop considerably and the sharemarket will go down. As humper said, some things just shouldn't be remade.<br><br>

    I mean, comeon, many kids nowadays ( i use to be one 0f the,) Didn't even know some movies had an original movie, and find the original to be boring because of camera quality, or not enough fight scenes (Yeah, I was biased back then) I loved the prequel trilogy for stupid reasons, now I prefer the original trilogy, because I can fully understand the dialogue and the love for the movie. As again, why would you remake a movie that was practically perfect? It wouldn't be called the original trilogy anymore, it would just be the remake trilogy. Are we seriously going to ruin peoples legacy? In the future, they might not even know who tf is harrison ford, mark hamill or carrie fisher. Don't forget the hundreds of extras and stunt actors who contributed their moments to be imbedded in our minds. Especially the trooper who knocked his head on the door... Or Sir Alec Guiness. Looked upon as a great actor and observer.

  11. I just wish they actually made it possible to get their product with out having to hunt around on eBay as they sent 3 FO Troopers and 10273 Obi Wan to each shop.Yes I did struggle to get my OT and FO TKs and have probably missed out on the Sabine and Shoretrooper why do you ask?

    I only started collecting figures this year, so tracking down the old lines is hard, especially since the bootlegs are everywhere... Luckily, it's easy to tell bootlegs apart, they almost always never have a neck hinge.

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