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  1. :blink::shok::56pullhair: Oh my god....how awesome is that ....I'm really looking forward to see the end result and oh yeaaaaah..to hold this 'little' piece of art in my hands :icon_beg::icon_bow:

    Thanks for your update, Andy :):jc_doublethumbup:





    It's such a shame to spray them black but I'll be making sure some of the Uber text can be seen by only lightly spraying the areas that can be seen by looking though the gap between the baseplate and the Outer Cylinders. 


    And, since it doesn't look like the propmakers sprayed underneath things, you'll be able to see the grey & brown undersides of the end bungs too.



    Yap...I agree with you..it's a shame to overpaint this...make it so..I think it looks good, like you said.

  2. Daniel, in fact i simply followed your tutorial on the GG forums http://501st.de/articles.php?article_id=2 no paint runs there :P

    Yeah, but in fact I was scarred of overdoing it with my not existing spray-painting skills, so that I stopped when everything was white :laugh1:

    Lol...you'll laughing...there's definitely paint runs, but I have for the moment no good pics to show you....

    Your build is really good so far and I'm happy, that you find my tutorial helpfully :)

  3. Aloha Tom...I had seen the 'making off' of your application pics :D ....good luck with your request. My opinion is the only thing, except the points that Phil has listed, that you need to add is the 2nd snap at the butt plate. Because of the sniper plate, I agree with Dennis...it's like the screen caps....but Dennis....what you've done?!??!...tstststs  :D  :P  :lol:

    All in all, you have a great gear...I'm shure that you in the ranks soon. ^_^


  4. Top notch work! :duim:


    Thanks, ^_^  Mathias

    looks great!

    Thank you for your kind words, Joey


    These three photos say it all for me. Wow. Stunning work. 




    Hey Boss, thx that you like the 'inside' ^_^

    Loving the weathering. Fantastisch :duim:

    Woooooh, a knightly accolade of the Troopermaster himself....I am honored. Thank you  :icon_bow:



    Ohh come on Dan wheres the Gaffa tape  :D , top noch mate  :jc_doublethumbup:

    Yes yes...I know....the gaffa :P  ...especially the trooper (the trooper that I wanted to implement) on screen doesn't have the hooks. But I wanted to use this variant this time...but it's only provisional fixed. It's easy to remove it and to add the gaffa ;)

    All in all...thank you all for your kind words...that says me, I'm on the right way :duim:

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