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  1. Hey Soren...

    we're finished with the costume and here is my daughter as a Jawa---->>



    ...and here with my oldest daughter as Ahsoka Tano--->>



    Btw...I think I know where you got your bandoliers ;):D ....mmmh, india?!?! ^_^

  2. Nice work, Alex....as usual, my friend :jc_doublethumbup:



    Yes, this is new ABS. Well, I have been using it for about a year now but it is better compared to the old stuff I used from my old supplier. This one has better colour, much glossier, and very flexible. Best ABS for armour in my opinion :)

    Yes...of course it is...one of the best stuff :salute:

  3. Great newsletter...of course the section for the tips...especially about the mag clip...really usefull, thanks again to the creator :duim:

    And of course...the troop of the month...yeah, it was a really awesome troop at this day with many many people and members....and a very impressive stromtrooper group picture :jc_doublethumbup:

    Cheers..... :smiley-sw013:

  4. As promised over in the sales thread, some photos of the first zinc-plated sets fitted with Uber capacitors.  

    I got a bit carried away with polishing one of the sets but it just looked so shiny & pretty!  :blink:


    First without the rear components:





    Then fully assembled:







    The printing on the underside of the capacitors is what I'm aiming to leave showing after painting.  For example, the "METALMITE" will be showing on this set:





    You can see the internal cylinder through the rear vent slit in the next 2 photos:





    & the text on this side which should be slightly visible after painting. The mounting nut is partially blocking it but it says "TYPE CP30S"





    It's a small thing but I really like the mounting hole (bottom left of the baseplate) on this set.   I think I need to get out more!!!  :huh:





    Next job is painting them, but that's another day...


    Cheers, Andy 


    :blink:  :shok:  what can I say......I'm totally wet :lol:

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