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  1. Thanks, that's excellent. Thanks to you guys, I've got a much better idea of how to proceed making my molds.
  2. Ahh, now it all makes sense. I noticed most of the RPF's images had gone down and wondered if it was that age-old expired image thing at first. Considering the swiftness of this change and the amount asked for, I wonder if the financial situation at photobucket has become slightly desperate? I would have thought their ad revenue would have been substantial.
  3. That's massively helpful, thank you. Good to know I can get smooth-on as I was hoping that would come up.
  4. Hey all, So, I'm having trouble finding some good platinum silicone and suitable clay (no sulphur) in the UK. Or, more precisely, finding anything in the UK that gives good specifics about their silicone and whether the clay contains sulphur or not. I'm not going to get access to a vacuum chamber so ideally anything that will give me as little grief in terms of air bubbles as possible. Doing my best to keep researching but is anyone able to point me in the right direction of good suppliers in the UK, especially if there's any good places in London that one could go into in person? Obviously, saving money is always good but I'd rather get good bang-for-my-buck then risk buying something too low quality. Thanks.
  5. Could barely be more excited about this kit. Time to get my pennies together.
  6. Thought that'd get your attention. Hear me out. I'm hoping someone can recommend somewhere UK based (I'm in London and have 1 month to be prepared) that I can get hold of: TK chest plate, back plate, shoulder bells and shoulder straps. And that - apart from fixing them together - would be all. Now, onto the blowtorch: the condition of the pieces can be incredibly beaten up, aged, yellowed, etc. I even wonder if JediRobe (gasp) would do? It's going to be scavenged armour and the key feature is to be a scorched hole in the chest (now, I don't literally think taking a blowtorch to it would be the best thing here, but it illustrated my point). So I guess my question is this: where would you folks recommend I get hold of the pieces? If it helps, I'm 6' 3" at 205lb and cutting down/return edging wouldn't be a problem. Thanks in advance.
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