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  1. Hi everyone, Can anyone help me? I am trying to power my ROM F/X with a set of powerful Lithium batteries for volume and long running times. the only problem is that I have 14.8 volts from the batteries and the F/X runs at a maximum of 12v. So I think I need a voltage regulator. Not being a whiz at electronics I'm a bit stuck. I believe I need to know what Current or amps the board runs at. Does anyone know this or maybe someone has an alternative idea. I know it can be run on 8xAA's but I have the lithium's already and thought it might be a good idea. Shoot me down if this is a bad id
  2. Sorry I just saw almost everything!!!!!! Mark.
  3. That said TE, AP , TE2, VT etc, are all technically re-casters like it or not. How far can you take re-casting? re-cast , re-cast of original, remodeling of an original mold? I suppose it is all down to personal taste, and how you look at art which this is. We all strive to impress others and gain personal satisfaction for what we do. That's human nature. I agree I said I don't want to support re-casters but I haven't really thought about it before. As for everything on ebay is a re-cast, AP sells on ebay so is his a re-cast? By modifying our Armor, Blasters and any other part of
  4. You bet I'll be careful !! looks nasty. I've just read Stutkatroopers AP Build and it looks like Ive got my work cut out!! It looks as if I am going to have to work the shape of every piece? I did build an FX a few years ago but that was pretty easy in comparison. Can't wait.....
  5. Hi Guys, Does anyone know of 501st pathfinder a seller on *bay selling screen used replica Lids.(warts and all) If so is he recasting or legit. they look quite good. but I don't want to support a re-caster! Can anyone shed some light? I am relatively new to this forum so I do apologize if he is well known on this site. I do not want to offend.... Mark.
  6. It actually looks softer in that photo I will try and get another shot and put it up soon, Mark.
  7. You think it might be a AP? That's uncanny as I have just this minute ordered my new set of AP armor!!!!!
  8. Hi everyone , I've just bitten the bullet and ordered my set of AP armor. Mark.
  9. Hi I have this bucket in my collection and it is pulled in quite a thick ABS hence the soft features. It is signed inside with GLA Prototype No.1 and signed by someone I can't decipher. I know it needs a little work here and there to make it good, I just haven't had the time recently. Wife and daughter etc.. Does anyone here recognize it at all as I am trying to find out its history. I have attached a couple of pics...... Mark.
  10. wow guys, Thanks again for your very knowledgable input. That certainly clears a few things up in my mind as I was really stuck on what armor to get. So TE2 or AP seem to be the most screen accurate? I think from what I have learnt from my limited time here that I will steer clear of AA for my armor needs and I hope as soon as TE2 does a new run he will put me on the list Thanks again guys. I had truly underestimated how good this forum really is and how much I really didn't know! I know now I will have to spend a great deal of time trawling through the various threads so as I don
  11. Ok, That said I did speak to AA the other day and he didn't entirely lose his battle with GL and is still able to produce the armor. I bought Two of his buckets a couple of years back and he is at present replacing the face of one due to yellowing, apparently from some chemical that was used in the early runs. He is doing this free of charge so you can't say fairer than that! I still don't understand why certain other makers are regarded as more accurate when AA originally made them in the first place? As far as I am aware the designs were in fact changed slightly from the originals
  12. Hi everyone, I just wondered if someone could clear up the confusion I have over all the different Armor/ Bucket producers. I worked for a couple of years for a friend of mine who owns/runs a modelmaking props company here in England and have produced various items for the Newer Star Wars films. But while working on those I was fortunate enough to work with some tallented guys that worked on the original films and they were all convinced that AA and his father made all the Stormtrooper Kits used in the first films. I just wondered why alot of people did not think his kits were that good.
  13. Hi, can I ask who did the original casting and are the kits still available for sale? Mark
  14. Hi everyone, I too went with AA SDS Props. why is there such an issue with his stuff? I have personally met him and he seems a very nice and genuine guy. If you go to his studio you can see all the history of him and his dad where they made all the helmets and armor, they also made nearly all the other helmets for the film bar Darth Vader which was made at Elstree. People say he has lied? What lies? I don't want to open up a huge can of worms but if he had lied about the molds and provenance of the Trooper armor etc would he had won 90% of the court case against him by GL? The first time I
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I have already been in contact with some very helpful Troopers. Mark
  16. Hi Marcel, I went for the Stunt version as I have always liked the flat green lenses, and yes I am pleased with it. I have actually had it for about 2 years No. 341 so it is one of the first Andrew put out. I also own the only BLACK Stormtrooper helmet Andrew ever made and he signed it for me and numbered it 1/1!!! I only live a couple of miles from Andrews workshop. I used to own a full FX set of armor years ago but sold it when I found out SDS Props were selling sets pulled from the original molds. I haven't actually got round to getting the armor yet, just the two buckets and an E11 Bla
  17. Hello everyone. My name is Mark and I am from the UK and I am trying to put a comms system into my Andrew Ainsworth SDS bucket I am new to this forum . Any other top speakers etc you could recommend would be fantastic. I am just waiting for my system from Plecter Labs to arrive and also have a Hyperdyne amp and a radioshack amp and a Skullworx rig. My biggest problem is feedback and good speakers that fit hovi mic tips. I know I have gone a bit mad on electronics but I am trying to combine the best of all the systems. I am also looking for a Bolun wireless mic kit if anyone can help me? I
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