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  1. Je suis près de Montréal moi aussi ! Bien hâte de vous rencontrer ! J'ai quelques costumes dont un TK...
  2. I bought a kit back in spring. I'm almost done assembling it...Only painting left. It's OK, the resin parts are not the nicest but it's not that bad... the wooden parts are good, the instructions too, for the price it's a good kit. You can check this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNfea36_qq8
  3. Hi Erik, care to share your 27 files you did ? Thanks Pat
  4. A Fire Team Patrol with pauldrons is not too bad !! -----------
  5. Patrick Fiasse 69671 EIB letter Tony http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/69671-eib.png
  6. Nope, we have 24 FT members but we decided to wear a blue pauldron with our logo. We were a few for Quebec City ComicCon last fall (with our banner)
  7. We bought 15 pauldrons for our fire team and they are great !!!
  8. This should be helpful ! http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/30448-adding-kidney-shims-for-larger-troopers/ Pat
  9. I just finished soldering and testing everything and its working GREAT !!! I have 2 questions: 1- How do I setup the minimum time the Teensie waits before turning the mic channel on ? I will start talking and it takes about half a second to turn on the speaker, so my first word comes from my helmet, not my aker. 2- I don't understand how to properly wire the PTT. you are talking about pin 0,1 or 2. Do I choose any of these 3 pins for one wire and where do I take my voltage from ? Would you have a quick sketch ? Thanks again Pat
  10. I have the same on my hand plates. I also think it's a plastic bleeding issue. I fix it with sandpaper and Novus to bring back the shine.
  11. Hi ! I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this but feel free to move it if needed. I was wondering when I will be issued my EIB certificate. The topic thread as been closed for the last 6 months and the elections are now over and no one took over. I would be more than happy to help out if no one wants to take care of issuing certificate to the members who worked hard on improving the level of accuracy. Pat
  12. I tought I saw somewhere a biker scout carrying an E11S sniper rifle or a DLT20A ?
  13. PVC barrel sounds great but I wonder if all the printed parts that go on the barrel will need adjustment ?
  14. Jon, do you think it would be solid enough to troop with ?
  15. Thanks, I'll see what other model I could try.
  16. Thanks Tony, I do have an aker unit also. Point 1 works good. Point 2 does not trigger with a magnet at 20k but when I switch the DVOM to 200 Ohms instead, I get the tiny LED light to light up when I approach a magnet, the reading breefly changes and goes back to 0 even if the switch is still triggered by the magnet. When I tried with the aker and icomm, the led light goes up on the switch but the channel doesn't open. Would I need to add a load to the reed switch ?
  17. Hi, I got myself a reed switch to use as a PTT for my Icomm. The switch is a Bimba model MR ------------ and I'm wondering how to properly wire it... Is there an electronics genius that could help ? I tried to wire it to a mono male connector, I see the tiny LED light up when I approach a magnet but the channel doesn't open. Any ideas ?
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