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    TK UK Armour?

    Have you signed up over at the UK Garrison? http://ukgarrison.co.uk/forum Once you have an account post a Work In Progress (WIP) in the armoury section and the armoury team will guide you to a clearable costume. They are really good at what they do and have all build and seen loads of different builds so will know exactly what needs doing.
  2. themaninthesuitcase

    A Friend Can’t Create a New Account

    It's not so much to we accept icloud as does iCloud accept us. I'm not on the web team so not privy to how the emails stuff is setup but if the email isn't just perfect, email providers may thing it's spam and so just not deliver them.
  3. themaninthesuitcase

    Source for Snaps

    I 100% recommend getting the special pliers for the snaps of you can. Makes doing a snap a 5 second job.
  4. themaninthesuitcase

    Helmet to armor wiring connectors?

    The only wire I run is for my head set but I wear that on my head, not attached to the helmet, with the wire running up the neck seal. I also have a fan system mounted inside the helmet but the battery is mounted inside the front between the mic tips. It's just a case of putting the helmet on, no wires to mess with.
  5. themaninthesuitcase

    Who made this helmet?

    Could be RS but the forehead looks too smooth, might just be the lighting though.
  6. themaninthesuitcase

    Is this glue acceptable?

    Where about's are you? We may be able to guide you a bit better if we know where in the world you are.
  7. themaninthesuitcase

    A Friend Can’t Create a New Account

    I take it he's not receiving the confirmation emails? For some reason emails are starting to get caught in spam filters. There's a couple of options: they can explicitly white list @whitearmor.net or pm me with the user name and email they used and I can go look in the back end. For what it's worth it's probably a good idea to white list whitearmor anyway.
  8. themaninthesuitcase

    Is this glue acceptable?

    I can't recommend that for a first build. It will work, but if you get it it wrong at all you'll need to order new parts. It works by melting the plastic so when they dry out again they are literally fused into 1 single piece. It's incredibly strong, but also incredibly unforgiving.
  9. themaninthesuitcase

    Buying my first suit (Needing some advice)

    I'd say I spent maybe £50 on tools at most, and that was mostly for specialist bits. Okay I already had basic stuff but you can build a whole TK with a Stanley knife, metal ruler, lexan scissors, some cheap files, a drill and sand paper. I often see these huge lists of tools you "need", and you really don't. Okay it might take a little longer but you're also far less likely to make a huge mistake with a pair of lexan scissors than with a dremel.
  10. themaninthesuitcase

    Heroes of the Empire

    Must be a regional thing then.
  11. themaninthesuitcase

    Buying my first suit (Needing some advice)

    It is an old post but it's maintained and updated as often as is needed to keep info up to date.
  12. themaninthesuitcase

    Buying my first suit (Needing some advice)

    Just moved this over to new members
  13. themaninthesuitcase

    Heroes of the Empire

    Hero's Of The Empire is now out and available for viewing on Amazon. Just search on amazon, I can't find a global link that's not my affiliate and I don't want to be 'that guy'. Sadly it's not been included in the prime package so if you want to watch you'll either need to rent it or purchase it. Looks like these are the usual standard Amazon digital fees, so they will be what ever is normal in your country.
  14. themaninthesuitcase

    Alternative holster pattern.

    I'm going to hazard a guess the odd shape one would fall under "mistakes, errors and breakages". Whilst they do exist the 501st trooper is a somewhat idealised average of all of them. Whilst there is no specific rule against it I believe GMLs should also pay heed to the images which shows the standard ANH holster shape. The promo trooper is covered by the hero CRL, one is cleared in the UKG for sure. http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_anh_hero You would need the SR-14R for the SR-14R holster though.
  15. themaninthesuitcase

    Boot protection?

    Just leave them. Standard boots a a bit TOO white IMO. A bit of natural weathering tones them down a bit.
  16. themaninthesuitcase

    Trooping as a Vet with PTSD and issues in crowds.........

    Awesome place to troop, would love a wonder round there. Whilst I'm not a vet with PTSD I do struggle with crowds and busy environments, but the armour makes most of that go away. Okay I've had a few moments but the spotters did their job and got me out of there. The armour isn't just a costume, it's a whole new world that many of us other wise would not be able to join.
  17. themaninthesuitcase

    Foam helmet.leaf and straps

    Here you go:
  18. themaninthesuitcase

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    For the most part that looks pretty okay. A quick look shows naff gaskets, TD needs some more black, overlapping shoulder isn't going to fly. No idea if the seams will work or not, look at the forearm for example. Will they need filling? Helmet looks nice like always though. BE fun seeing these come in and what is needed to get them through. ps: Some of the PS cutting out on that looks rather amateur hour too. Chinese new year starts next week, IIRC. So I read that as "we've got a crap ton of these to make and we've barely made a dent. Oh and the factory will close for a week or so for Chinese new year which screws up loads of stuff coming out of china for weeks after that". I don't know what the production is like but I expect this to take months rather than the 4-6ish weeks it took for OT.
  19. themaninthesuitcase

    Imperials in The Mandalorian

    That’s more than game of thrones started on, and more than the Blackwater Bay season cost. Whilst not as crazy money like GOT has gotten to it’s atill not exactly pocket change.
  20. themaninthesuitcase

    E6000 Banned in UK!

    Just found out, that E6000 has been banned in the UK! RWA bulk buys from the UK distributer and was told that it's now banned, but they are making something new which will conform to regulations. I can't seem to find any details of the ban so not sure if it's a UK thing or EU thing. Hopefully the new blend of herbs and spices will be as good as the old one but getting E6000 here is awkward enough.
  21. themaninthesuitcase

    E6000 Banned in UK!

    Doesn’t look like the new formula has been released yet. The authorised dealers still don’t have anything in stock.
  22. themaninthesuitcase

    Disney Star Wars Email?

    I expect that's why you were refereed to EA. Knowing what you wanted to contact them about might help.
  23. themaninthesuitcase

    Hello from the UK

    Welcome to the FISD. If your mando is anything to go by your TK should be ace! See you at the troops!
  24. themaninthesuitcase

    Hello from the Upside-down!

    Welcome to the FISD!
  25. themaninthesuitcase

    ANH Paint colour guide

    I'm sure most of you has seen the image below. These Billgrams have become a bedrock on which many TKs have been built. However this image, and 1 very similar, has a colour on it no longer deemed correct. Rather than carrying on explaining it I've made a new diagram, sorry no catchy name this time, with just the correct colours. The images show the Humbrol colours, but the Testors equivalents are shown too if that's easier to source. All this was built upon Billhags work, so it would be wrong for me not to thank him for it. He's also my GML so he has had a hand in me getting this far in more than just billgrams. I already owe him a pint, so Bill if you see this and the opportunity presents it's self, make that 2. ANH Stormtrooper Paint Colours by Christopher Pearson, on Flickr Click through to flickr to get access to a full resolution version, and feel free to share this if you find it helpful.