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  1. themaninthesuitcase

    Pauldron sewing question

    Awesome. I'm just starting to look at making some of my own softgoods for some costumes and this looks like a great project to start with.
  2. themaninthesuitcase

    Advice Needed On Autographed Helmet

    Ikea Detolf, or an Ikea Kallax with a glass door cupboard, just don't add the shelf. Double check the size though.
  3. themaninthesuitcase

    Pauldron sewing question

    You've done a great job on that! I'd love to see more on how you made it?
  4. themaninthesuitcase

    Advice Needed On Autographed Helmet

    Double check the cling film won't pull up the ink first! Try find a similar white shiny ABS scrap and write on it in blue sharpie Give it time to dry and then wrap it and leave it for a couple of weeks (ie much worse than what will actually happen).
  5. themaninthesuitcase

    Casting latex handguards from the plastic ones?

    Whilst recasting is "A Bad Thing"™ there's also a lot of grey area. If you are literally going to pour some latex into a plastic guard you already have? I see no issue personally. It's for you and you're not selling it or making them for others. Even if you do that for you and and gave a pair to 1 friend, probably not the end of the world but at that point your well on your way to recasting in a way that would be a problem. I know some people see recasting as a black/white issue but I see it as a much more complex issue in general, and generally look at it pragmatically.
  6. themaninthesuitcase

    Can I move a thread?

    That should be done now.
  7. themaninthesuitcase

    Hello from the UK

    Hello Chris, Welcome to the FISD! I'm only down the M1 a few junctions so I am sure I'll see you around once you get trooping. Are you already signed up with the UK Garrison as you'll need to post a WIP thread there as part of our clearance procedure.
  8. themaninthesuitcase

    Trouble in Tapatalk

    Seems they work over http but not https, and the links to them are all the later. Looks like its a certificate issue at the server (tapatalks, not ours). edit: a quick google of some of the cert details seems to show that it's indeed a certificate issue with tapatalk meaning they cannot serve the images securely at the moment.
  9. themaninthesuitcase

    Doopydoos Full Resin Kit WIP + Tino,Chris + more, Additional Parts

    If it was me I'd drill out the hole in the selector and then either drill for a small grub screw or use a "squish" method to get a very snug fit on the post with out using glue.
  10. themaninthesuitcase

    Off duty uniform

    Bear in mind that anything featuring any logo from any 501st unit will need to be cleared as a merchandising item by the appropriate unit commander. Eg if it has a dune sea logo on it it will need to be okayed by the dune sea CO. Failure to comply with this is not wise. However there’s nothing stopping you adding e siting Merch items, such as patches, to other clothing items.
  11. themaninthesuitcase

    Hello From Scotland

    Welcome to the FISD!
  12. themaninthesuitcase


    What your proposing is also known as recasting. In general this is frowned upon, though if it's genuinely for personal use then it's not really that big a deal. Trouble is that 1-2 kits for you often becomes more for your friends and so on. As Glen has said vacuum forming also quite a costly endeavour but something many have done before so with some reading around you can get a lot of help. Though there is an amount of art to it.
  13. themaninthesuitcase

    Themaninthesuitcase Troop Diary

    We often have people from other Garrisons come and join us for these. I think there was 2 or 3 this year. If anyone has the means to come to one of these I would whole heartedly recommend it, we'll even let you at the Haribo.
  14. themaninthesuitcase

    TK hopeful from New York

    Welcome to the FISD. I was also a first timer when I started. You read a bit, then read some more then eventually you have a go and wonder why you worried so much. Also always good to see more ROTJ, I’d love one myself!
  15. themaninthesuitcase

    Salutations from Iowa (Middle of Nowhere, Iowa)

    Welcome to the FISD!
  16. themaninthesuitcase

    CableGuy’s Troop Log (TK42911)

    Sister in law is getting married on what I can only assume will be that weekend.
  17. themaninthesuitcase

    Armor Help

    Do you mean WTF? I've no personal experiance of them, If you've not done so already have a read of this, it will answer a lot of your questions and give some good guidance. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/11538-the-various-types-of-armor-and-where-to-find-them/
  18. themaninthesuitcase

    Armor Help

    Personally I wouldn't want to order from them. There are other much better options available.
  19. themaninthesuitcase

    CableGuy’s Troop Log (TK42911)

    Told you these weer fun Gutted already I can't go next may
  20. themaninthesuitcase

    Armor Help

    I did mine in 2 months. That was mostly evenings working on a small table in my lounge so lost a lot of time to setting up and then cleaning up each night. I think I also did about 3 or 4 days at weekends but 2 months is very doable.
  21. themaninthesuitcase

    Themaninthesuitcase Troop Diary

    Troop #12 - 26 May 2018 - MCM Comic Con London Another year another London Comic con, though this year under Reedpop ownership. Whist now very familiar there was definitely a slightly different feeling this year, neither good or bad just different. The UK Garrison/Reel Icons had approximately 100 members attending plus members from the invited clubs: Rebel Legion, R2 Builders, UK Preditors, Colonial Marines and the 15th Cyber Legion. Lots of familiar faces and plenty of new ones. On the Saturday we welcomed 5 new recruits, and I believe there was a further 5 inductions on the Friday. We shared our stand space with UK Garrison, Reel Icons, Rebel Legion and Jedi News all having tables, there was also a R2 builders display. The colonial marines were mostly gathered by Terry English's stand, as he was the maker of the marine armour in Aliens and all round lovely chap. It was certainly as busy as always. Once the general admissions opened it was crazy busy, and stayed that way almost the whole way to the close of the show at 7pm. Our club stand was packed for most of the day with only small lulls. Most of the day was spent either on patrol outside the venue near the fringe festival or on the club stand. The heat was worse than normal as was the humidity making breaks essential. Spotters were doing sterling work getting us on and off the floor ensuring we could get in for lids off at a moments notice. This was the first time I managed to run out my helmet fan battery and I didn't have a spare that would fit. I did manage to get some more charge back into it from a phone charger battery which was enough to last out the day. In all it was a fantastic day, and I am already looking forwards to the Autumn con. This is doubled as I won't be able to go next May due to a family wedding. Images to follow if I can get any, the down side to not taking the armour off all day, but for now heres an idea of whats MCM is like. This is the North hall at roughly peak capacity, there is also a South Hall that was apparently busier and the fringe festival outside the venue (if you came to CE the festival is down the steps where the photo was taken). You can see our stand in the beginning of the video. Update: Looks like the charity buckets did well raising £2181.30 for Mitchell's Miracles. https://www.mitchellsmiracles.co.uk/mitchells-miracles-go-to-mcm-comic-con-at-the-excel/
  22. themaninthesuitcase

    TM ANH buil extra parts

    For what it's worth I can't think of a single kit that comes with a blaster. Have a look through the blaster section but it's hard to recommend much as I don't know what Singaores replica weapons laws are like. Your best bet would be to get in contact with your local garrison who will know who's best for your needs. http://www.501st.com/members/displayUnits.php#garrisons
  23. themaninthesuitcase

    Armor Help

    The next celebration is actually next April in Chicago so you've got a decent amount of time yet. RS is good kit, very popular worldwide. Assuming you went for a commission you shouldn't need to change anything for centurion though there have been a few errors by them recently that have needed to be fixed. That said don't be afraid of a self build. Its much easier than it sounds and we'll give you lots of help. Worst case, RS sell spares but you have to go really quite wrong to get that far. As for PVC vs ABS, I believe its purely a cost thing. I'd pick ABS every time.
  24. Love the stand, would love access to a cutter like that. The DD mag is about the only part that's complete junk IMO. Shame the gazmosis is NLA, but with a cutter and the plans you should be able to come up with something!
  25. themaninthesuitcase

    Bonjour! from Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

    Welcome to the FISD!
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