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  1. Good morning everyone. I am going to start making mods to my armor to apply for Centurion and had a few questions.


    First, I know there should be no return edges at the wrist. One of my forearms has two ridges, while one has only one. 784cf85bd035e1d70ae8fb5dc5d5b992.jpg

    I used the image from my EIB Certification for reference. Should I trim out the spot the arrow is pointing to?


    Next, I know there should be no seams where the shims are on my back plate. I was going to make an ABS paste and fill them, but I was able to purchase a spare backplate from another armor maker. My concern is the color between the two. 96b141088df9eeb7f6045a7b05fba71d.jpg

    I know it’s probably hard to tell in the picture, but do you think the colors are okay?

    Your thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated.



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  2. Imperialboots.com is a good alternative but only open once a month for a limited time to take orders. Then close to fulfill them. I believe they are open now. You may want to follow the instructions on that website to get a good fit. 


    On the holster, look under the softgoods section. There should be info there

    on holster dimensions.

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