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  1. 10 hours ago, themaninthesuitcase said:

    I take it he's not receiving the confirmation emails?  For some reason emails are starting to get caught in spam filters.


    There's a couple of options: they can explicitly white list @whitearmor.net or pm me with the user name and email they used and I can go look in the back end.


    For what it's worth it's probably a good idea to white list whitearmor anyway.

    PM sent out to you Chris. Thanks in advance for the help.

  2. My Uncle Gary has been fascinated with my Stormtrooper since he found out I built it. He asked me tons of questions about it. One of them was “Can you put the blaster in the holster?” I told him I probably could, but the leather is so new that it won’t let the blaster in. He told me he wants me to have that blaster go in holster. I was wondering if there was a way to soften that leather somehow? 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Sly11 said:

    Once you are finished sanding with the ultra fine grit wet n dry sandpaper, get yourself some Novus Plastic polish. The kit comes with three grades 3 being for deep marks, 2 more refined polish and 1 for a super shine. Not only will you use it tO get that ABS paste on the shims looking great, you won't regret the overall shine it brings to you full kit after heavy trooping. It is well worth the investment, I and many others here  can garuntee it.

    Andrew, I was just thinking about ordering some Novus yesterday as I have heard so much about it. I will probably order some along with the sandpaper I’ll be needing.

  4. 26 minutes ago, kman said:

    I feel your pain!  I'm in the exact same boat you are.  Finding the time to erase those seams is really the one thing standing between me and my long-neglected Centurion application.


    Fortunately, finding Acetone in California is not a problem.  Home Depot has a can of more than you'll need in 5 years for just a few dollars.


    I wrote a primer on ABS paste some time ago, which may come in handy for you, if you haven't used it before (note I also have Anovos armor):


    I look forward to seeing your progress!


    Thanks Kalani. I will definitely be using your recipe to do this project.

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